Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mango get his new shoes~ ^.^

we need to buy shoes to wear to protect our feet~ mango also need new shoes(tires) to protect his feet(wheels) lol~ so i get him 4 new tires.

man~ 185/70R13 is so hard to find now. T_T had to get 15 wheels when got extra cash later.

off the wheels~

darn they are old, all year 02~ and with all the tyre in place, it's time to do some alignment ^.^ my favourite part, first setting the camber to -1.5, -1.5

not really easy to get perfect 1.5 tough~ so i just settle with -1.52, and -1.50. and mango is a happy car again ^^

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mango get new stickers~ ^^

yesterday ah wei bring me to his usual stiker boy's place in bayan lepas to get mango his sticker job done. the shop's name is Tommax Sticker.

my mango still bare~

after our 'si fu' take the measurement, he start routing out the sticker~ and then transfer them onto the "transfer tape"

this didn't too a while~ then the later work is a chaos.

layer one~ this one took a jiffy.

layer two~now the tricky part starts~ "alignment" ^.^

walla~! done~ and what a good job our Tommy did! ^_^ but there's still another side and the door ^^|||~so keep on working, no slack time. all and all we started around 4pm and done at 8pm where all of us got ourself a noisy tummy and dizzy head.
and guess what~ the moment my mango was done, a bunch of people from Chean Exhaust arrived with their boss in his GSR wira. asking for sticker~ ^.^ lol~!

didn't my mango look handsome? ^_^

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

odd machine~ mean???

today my buddy bring one really strange looking car to my shop, it's his cousin's car~ here's a pic,

here's one from the side~

^.^ can guess what car is it?

wahahaha~ it's a daihatsu G10, geng leh~ lol ^.^

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

shinny~ new break disc for my mango??? naa~

today's a very quiet day, not much business, do i decide to took out mango's front break disc to give it a good "polish"~ (sorry, forgot to take photo before sending it to CNC for "polishing") and this is how it looks when i get it back 4 hours later *.* really took them looooong to work on it. you will be amaze how the guy slowly slice off thin layer by layer until it's perfectly smooth.

looks how it shine ^.^

"sun bin" took this photo, this is the front suspension i used, ae86's arm set with tein spring and me modified trd absorber.
and after all the parts is in place and working normally, and give it a test drive around the factory, now it's time for the final touch of the day ^.^ guess what i get there guys~

ta-da~ mango got himself a Trueno badge ^.^ lol~ feels really funny with that in front of it, but i like it, hehehe~

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birds also love McD ^.^

I had to drove all my way from Nibong Tebal to Seberang Jaya to get my company stamp back (due to some "clumsy" clerk of mine). On the way back we stop by at the McD in auto city for lunch (for most ppl it's tea time - 3PM) *.* ~ and guess what i saw, on a deserted table which still had some fries leftover, some tiny birds (sparrow to be exact) flew down and pick up the fries from the table, one by one ^_^

Birds are loving it too~ ^.^

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sunday is a nice day~ ^.^ not working, so i decided to give mango a bath~ hehehe. but ouch~ i forget that mango's hatch back door is still missing it's sealing lining. so it's not "water proof" and i end up having a wet boot (nearly had a in-car-swimming-pool) so had to let it down under the good hot sun of february to dry it up. few hours later it finally dried up and i received a call from ah wei (12) to meet up with our sticker-boy from penang, tommy chan. so i fire up mango and cruise my way out to meet them.

300M away from home... disaster struck~! mango's heart just stop pumping... i slide mango to the side and check (it's 28 years old for goodness sake, anything can happen) and guess what i found out? ^.^

my fuel tank was empty T_T... there isn't any drop of fuel left in the fuel filter. hahaha~ my fuel meter doesn't work properly as i expected. good thing i was only 300m from home. a short walk from home to pick up my ranger to get some petrol with an empty "thinner" container (the label said the volume of the container is 3.2L but i filled it up with RM4.90/2.55L of petrol *.* bloody con-tainer) and walla~ it's alive! without any delay i drove my way to the petrol station to fill up the tank. mango drank up RM88 worth of petrol, man he's thirsty. so i ended up 1 hour late for the meeting (really sorry guys)...

after meeting up with ah wei (12), ah boy (lao hia), tommy, ah ahn and andrew (003) at Chean exhaust. ah wei said wanna try to do clutch kick with mango, and see what happen when he climb in mango.

he hit the roof! TE kinda of meant for short fella like me :P hahaha~

after a few harsh attempt, we give up, it's just too little torque in mango's heart... T_T so no nice photo/video to show you all. maybe i had to wait till i can get mango a new heart later then he might be able to do some nice move. ^_^, looking forward for that day to come.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

mango is home

ta da~~~ my mango finally reach home after 3 months stays in "ward" hahaha~

mango got himself a new set of front leg (AE86 arm and suspension system consist of tein spring, tka modified trd absorber with cusco pillow-mount) and tka special made absorber for the rear. a set of new power steering system, (steering leg taken from S13 combine with original tie-rod-end with camry coupling and a ae101 power steering pump), a new air-con blower and a new car alarm system.

oops~ sorry, all this talk and so rude of me forget to introduce you all to mango. he is a 1980 made Toyota TE72, aka corolla hatch-back. with a 4K(1300c.c. OHV engine) heart and K50(toyota K series 5 speed manual gearbox) transmission as his artery and standard rear axle.

mango is my first car (under my name) i have driven a toyota ae92 and currently driving a ford ranger. But for some reason i fall in love with old-school car, and some how get to know the guy from TeamBC-machine and from there saw Dr. goh's touge machine. a TE72. by the same time one of my friend's brother is selling off his yellow TE72(mango) coz some reason, so i took it in and start my mango project. too bad i didn't have my camera back then(it's with my girlfriend in KL) but hopefully i'll slowly record every growth of my mango and share with you guys.

cheers~ happy valentine days.