Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes~! We were on ZTH (

Finally, after much waiting and more waiting, our Kg Gajah Track day on 18th May was finally appeared on ZTH(click to link to the page). A well know car enthuest website.

lol~ and guess what i found. our panda's AE80 was in the gallery, with our TKA sticker on ^^~

And that's me driving my F.Ranger ^.^

Many thanks to Mr.Adam(was driving a BMW CSL), and his crew (another guy, a cameraman and a beautiful lady), coming over on that day to do the coverage.

(too bad they didn't took mango's photo T_T)

My Sparco Full bucket ^.^ ~

I had been looking all over the place for a proper bucket for my mango, but they were all either torn or expensive or torn and expensive :P

And finally thanks to Ah Wei (12), call me up on saturday night saying his friend had a bucket seat to let, and it's hot~ so with no hastitation, (both 12 and Lao3 was pushing me to buy *_*) so i TT the money to Lao 3 to pick up the beauty :D It's a Sparco

The BAGE which assure you good "hold" on our body when we do intenst cornering (maybe drifting XD)
even the bracket in the hole where the safety harnest went through had Sparco on it
Can't wait till mango return home and put it in and give it a drive in Kg Gajah next month ^.^

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TT with Kelab (club)Toyota Utara (north)- aka *kelketu*

It was 9pm, while i was watching "Inspecter Gadget" i received a call from Daniel (LE-2A) who was the contact person in penang province for Club North Toyota. So i call up Ah wei (12) and went on to Mc-D in autocity. In which i saw a series of toyota ranking in adge ^.^ ST185, AE80, AE82, and AE101. Too bad my mango wasn't home yet, if not sure will as a TE72 in (sad sad...T_T)

Amm's SEG with Subaru Bumper (yes~! SUBARU) he manage to fit it nicely into his beautiful SEG with 4AGE-20V silver top.
Farid's Blacktop SE with Trueno bumper, also nicely done ^.^ (gotta get one of this for my bro's SE)
Daniel's original 2A LE, very well maintain for a 20+ years old car.
And lastly's "toyota-buruk" 's Corona.
And lastly, Lao Shan's White Vios Manual, which taken everyone's attention. lol~
It's nice to meet up with guys from *kelketu*very down to earth and certious to learm ^.^ and really didn't mind to share their knowledge between each other.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pian's Green KE70-DX

Today a friend from Toyota Utara(north) Club come a pay a visit (thus refill nitrogen for his front shock) ^.^ in his beautiful KE70-DX in green and handsome SSR RIMS~!
I gonna get myself one of the sticker~ ^.^ T-UTARA
His deep dish SSR mess rim.
With semi-slick tyre on it~! darn, gonna get me 4 of those, it's 195/60R14 *.* special size man~

Friday, June 13, 2008

TKA MOTORSPORT finally had it's signboard :P

after 6 month in business, (previously the factory belong to my dad under T.K.A. Trading name) finally, i got the signboard up at the front gate ^.^ it indicate 2 thing, for me, it's the recognition of my fellow friends (cum customer) as well as from my father. secondly, more people had heard about the name TKA since i start taking over the business ^.^ either way, i wan to thanks all my friends who had help me improving my skills (both in setting absorbers and driving) as well as introduce me to their fellow members. Thank you all!

p/s especially thanks to tommy (tomax sticker) for making me a really clean and nice signboard) ;)

Kg. Gajah open track day - 13 July 08

Date conformed everyone ^.^, 13th JULY 2008, for the next open track day which will be held at the Dato' Sagor Track.

Date: 13th July 2008

Time: 9a.m. till the sun goes down, your car breaks down, or until you break down! (taken from scav :P)
Venue: Dato' Sagor Track, Kg. Gajah, Perak.
Fees: RM150.00 per car, per driver.

this time we will be having buffet for lunch (YES! no more digging for food all over the place :P)