Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skimming a disc~ with your car's own power~

Was in PohNee's place this afternoon~ just hanging around (T_T) since business is slow this festive season....~ And i finally meet the brake disc skimming fella for the first time~ ^^

* only to find out you can actually buy this tools off the shelf.... *_*
 The tools is secured to the two lugs where the original brake caliper were.
 then set the correct off sets for both carbide steel knife for the both side.
 where the knifes will only 'touch' the disc a bit~ then start your engine~ and set in to 3~4th gear and let it maintain rev 2~3k~ and slowly 'screw' in the knifes~ 
and slowly repeat the skimming process until the surface is even~  
walla~ nice clean-n-flat surface~ 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Differential Gear works (BEST Tutorial)

Just sharing an excellent tutorial on how a differential work from 1930's~ simple and easy to understand~

Monday, August 15, 2011

LSD- Fix?? or not.... (>_<)~

Finally i had time to took apart the LSD to see what's cause of the non-locking-up issue~
And as always~ there's a miss understanding where the non TRD type LSD on AE86 axle is 1.5 way~ 
But from Toyota website, there's only 2-way LSD and non-LSD type differential installed on AE86. And it was conformed by the two sloped side pressure plate.
And 3 tiny whinny clutch in it~ XD~ 
And i wanna test something on the LSD, as making some groove on it~ see if it will improved the 'clutch' power~ 
another view~
And 3mm spacer added to the spring to increase the pre-load on the clutches~
And where i found out that it might be the culprit which causes the problem. A shim which press on the pinion gear which press on the clutches system wasn't installed seems like someone had fiddle with this LSD before~ lol~ but with a little skim and hammer, it's back to it's good stage to installed back to the LSD~
Walla~ everything put back to it's own place~ hopefully can test it out on the next change i took apart mango's axle~ 
Will post the result by then~ stay tune ^^~~~ please bare with my bad narration~ hahaha~ 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flip~ Flip~ Away~

After the slight incident (click here) a few weeks ago~ a 95feet long skid mark (ja~ i went and measured it~ XD) had created two flat spot @ the front tyre~ And mango was galloping like a pony since then~ (>_<)

So i finally took mango and went to transfer the front tyre to the rear rim (can't swap it for the rims is 7jj offset +8 in front and 7.5jj +12 rear~) 
Since mango had all his 4 legs off the ground~ i might as well do a little inspections to the suspension and breaking systems~
The front strut did looks like it had took a lot of thrashing from 3 year+ of driving and track events~
The new brake-pad still had a good 50% left~ so, no worries there~
The rear disc looks like it had slight rust residue on it, shown that the caliper clamping power wasn't strong enough. After much research after the incident, i found out that there's a proportionate valve in front of the chassis which limited the brake fluid's flow to the rear caliper. Will had it removed later when send to McGuyver for tunings.
And there's the galloping pony true face. Not showing well on the picture. But it's a 3mm thinner than the rubber around it~ (^o^) actually a bit heart-aching seeing it like that~ 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T283 -AE86 Kouki Axle took-apart~

Selamat berpuasa  to all my muslim friends out there~ and with the month of fasting. Which means a small drop in business where i would have a bit of time working on my own stuff.
 As in the photo shown, i just took apart my spare AE86 axle. hoho~ 
 the drive shaft is 24mm shown that it's a AE86 Kouki.
 A shot before it was taking apart~ ^^
 And there's everything on the floor~ piece by piece~
 And the remain.......of oil~ XD
 A clear view of the LSD also show that it's Original AE86 2-way LSD
 Call-ed my bro to scoop out the oil manually~ XD~ wakakaka~ 
And finally the LSD was taken out from it's housing~ will took it apart tomorrow to see what's been faulty inside it to cause it not to lock at one side~ 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ken Block's All in one Hybrid machine~ (>_<) it's so cool~!!!

Can never stop giving out a Wooow~ for their videos. It's simply Awesome~!!!!!


The T-18 LSD is going into the house~ ^^~

Received a call in the morning from McGuyver. He had removed his welded Differential, and only to remember that i want to see the LSD going in his axle. So he call-ed me to hurry to his place.
Both differential was on the floor when i arrived. And he already fix-ed the ring gear onto the limited slip diff~ say he it was a really tight fit, so no worries on the center alignment problem. 
 checking the bearing of the drive shaft if there's any abnormany~ 
 then we started the assembling~ ⋯⋯(^.^)
 The tedious part is to set the pressure of the bearing at the both side and at the same time giving a proper clearance between the drive pinion and the ring gear so it wouldn't press agains each others too hard~ and causes wearing at high rates.
 a shot of the old welded diff~ will keep it for future small fun thrashing car project~ ⋯⋯(^_^)
 secured the nuts when we finally gets the satisfying clearance.
A last look at it before it going in McGuyver's TE72's KE axle~