Sunday, March 30, 2008

mango is recovering ^^~

finally, my uncle came back from ipoh, bringing me news on my mango. he also take a few shots of mango's new heart to show me. so far, mango is recovering well ^^~

the old 4k engine was taken out from mango's engine bay~ can clearly see a square hole had taken off from the firewall to occupied the distributer.

how many te with power steering you saw out there? ^.^

the engine which is going to drop into mango~ 4AGE-20V ~ aka silvertop. see the original 4K with K50 gearbox lying behind??

this is y they also called 4AGE-20V 4-throttler, this is why, it had 4 independent throttler body. lol~
and last but also the best part of it~ ^^, come from my generous uncle. this thing almost keep me up all night~

walla~ TRD power plate with 3 spoke racing clutch~ ^.^ hurry uncle~

mango was now running on it's 4 wheels already. but still need a lot of tuning work to do before he can sing~ happily.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

every toyota petrol-head's dream machine~ ^^

The formula Atlanta 4AGE-16V engine~ head that this babe could produce 230BHP at 10000rpm.
and another one is the legendary TRD 4AGE-20V build for Formula A super-touring car race during 90's which produce a gross 265BHP on crank at 11,000 rpm (i think that's the engine takumi used in his AE86 in Initial D ^.^)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking for rims for my mango~

i have been running all over the place to get rims for my mango when he is return. i need to upgrade the rim to 14 inches so i can find better tyre for him. which i had in mind one set of Hancook RS2 for wet track and one set of AD07 for dry track. so i will be needing two set of rims. and something cross my mind.
for i will be installing the Camber Roll Center Adjusters, so it will be a good plan to get rim with 38 offset for front and offset 15 for rear. so when i put the 25 mm Camber Roll Center Adjusters on the front the wheel's base will about the same.
and for all the rims out there~ the one i wanted the most would be the Watanabe RS design~ or what we called it "banana rim" ^^ still working hard to find it. hope my wish would come true ^.^ cheers~

Thursday, March 20, 2008

280BHP monster 4X4~!

yesterday evening after work, i spotted a greenish black toyota landcruiser II ^^ - which belong to one of my 4X4 friends. heard he just bought it over. i quickly tail him and finally stop at his clinic (yup~ he's our doc) and instantly, he pass me the key, and ask me to take it for a drive ^.^ happy me. but once i start the engine *.* my gosh. it's a petrol turbo charge engine... Just the instant i let go the clutch, a little "loose" there, but the instant i put my foot on the peddle, the power just keep coming, bring the car rushing forward un-ease, due to the extra high suspension setting for off-roading. shift to second, and the speedo breach 80Kmh in just a few second. and such a nice sound the blow-off valve made too. darn it's fast.
after a short lap, i return to the clinic and found doc smiling broadly at me. wa hahaha~ "pop the hood" he said. and to what i'm guessing, it's a 1JZ-GTE. a 2.5L twin turbo model. the conversion was done neat and nicely. congrate doc, you got yourself a beast there.

the mean machine with the 1JZ heart.

can't wait how well the beast will perform in the jungle ^_^ doc~ remember to call when you going off-road next time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mango going into hospital again T_T...

after a harsh effort driving mango back to resort (where stop to refill water 3 times for the 2km drive, and alternately kill the engine and glide it for the engine keep squeezing the water out from the radiator) i finally get mango back to the resort. And the next day, after the engine was icy cool, i remove the water valve which had been jammed and hopefully mango will roar again in happiness... but with no prevail.. the water still rushing out, which means i had a leaked head gasket. so i call up my uncle and he send a tow truck to fetch mango to his partner's workshop.

which later only found out it wasn't a "tow" truck at all~! it's a car carrier!

mango is getting a truck ride~ ^_^~!
really feel lucky for my mango, he dun have to go through the pain of dragging on it's two wheel only.

don't mango look good on the car carrier ^.^ he really looks like a track car~
and the carrier's driver was very nice, very gentle on tying up mango so he won't get all over the place on the back of the truck. and the price to pay for the trip was very resonable.

so as for next time, who ever love his car much had a stalled car around ipoh or Kg Gajah, feel free to call his number ^_^

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mango in action~! First timer...

just manage to get this video from my brother before he flew to china for his holiday. Mango was emitting a lot of smoke during down shifting and entering corner. but it's ok ^.^ when mango finally home again he will be all healthy and strong again ^^. cheers~

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kg. Gajah Open Track Day -2/3/2008

Day One~ really had to remind myself that i wasn't coming over to have fun but to promote my products. ^.^ coz i'm all into bringing mango for a spin in the track. with Ah Ann-Go as my instructor.

(finally got the pic and video from my brother)

waiting at the "pit" exit

and my mango went out extremely slow *.* (gosh~ 50+hp really is little)

it looks as if i was giving chase :P but actually i was being overtaken ^.^ and i was on my 3rd gear at 5000rpm through the corner (mango's 4K-c max rev was only 6000rpm) so i'm only going about 100 around that corner. wonder how fast they went during overtaking me ^_* but still~ i like this pic a lot thanks bro.

Dr. goh overtake me in just one corner ! @_@ dam he is fast.

only 5 laps out in the track then i was being flag out. because they saw lot's of white smoke coming out under my car.
so we had to stop and check the engine. after much check up we conclude that maybe the engine oil pressure is too high during high rev which cause it to over-flow into the combustion chamber. thus burning engine oil causing it to spoof white "cloud" lol~
after a few minutes rest, we went into the track again ^^ this time with ann-go behind the wheel, darn, his racing line really is accurate and fast, i think his lap time in mango is certainly 5~8 second faster than me @_@. then he show me a few other line which i can take in mango, different line give different speed and handling feeling. thanks a lot ann-go, really learn a lot with you behind the wheel. we run around 12 laps or so, and i saw the mango's temperature is shoring high, so i ask ann-go to stop and get out from the track.

back to rest in our little booth where we display our products ^.^ home made TKA absorbers. a few (fast) cars in the track was using my modified absorber. and certainly i would say they was quite satisfied with it ^.^ ~ *(you can saw the BC-M ppl was taking my ranger out for a spin to clean the track for debris ^.^)

After the islam friends afternoon prayer at 1.30, we begin our free for all track "training" this time i manage to drag our BC-M-12 - ah wei as my instructor. this time we tried a few new racing lines. as i start to feel that i was going faster on the track (coz i manage to up-shift earlier and earlier ^_^) suddenly white steam puffing out under the bonnet. i quickly stop the engine and slide the car into the service lane.

i think we just boiled the entire radiator *.* darn~ in just a few minutes puppy come charging in the ford ranger with bro on top of it. Love you puppy~ thanks.

tow bar on~ with ah wei on the wheel, we slowly cruise back into the pit... T_T

Kg. Gajah Open Track Day -1/3/2008

it's nice to drive at night~ especially driving at night with rain~! it's dam slippery. even with my under-power mango i still can feel the rear letting go if i step on the trotter too hard, darn i love FR car.
it's 10.30am friday night, after waiting in ah-wei's place for like almost an hour~ finally ah chean from Chean Exhaust arrive with his gf in his wira-lution (wira saloon with Evo-6 engine and lip-cut). and we set-off to pasir salak resort which is just a river apart from Dato Sago Track. running fully on the old trunk road. which will be a torture for us who had track-spec suspension installed. a PAIN in the ASS. ^.^ fortunately my puppy was driving the Ford ranger. with had soft suspension. ah wei is the lead car (which i was quite sorry for him coz he had to drive very slow to make sure F-R can keep up. as usual, we start from parit bunta, go all the way to taiping, changkat jering then turn into terong. around 10km after turning out from changkat jering, Mango's head lamp suddenly went black! i check everything else, all the electronic stuff still working, good thing ah chean behind me had installed HID head lamp, which he can luminate my path ahead. so i had to drive mango in this condition all the way to terong's petrol station. we take a break while i check on mango~ ^^ as i expected. a lose relay. lol! after a few minutes of break, we move on, heading to beruas. which we will be very close to our destination. after 3 hours drive, we finally arrive. at 1.30am saturday :P we meet up with ah-long, andrew-003 and henry at pasir salak resort. which they had per-book a chalet to spend a night. yawn~ nap nap