Wednesday, February 29, 2012

KGC 26-02-2012 BC-Machine is BACK~! Part 1

It's was a fine day on that morning~ But i wasn't planing to take mango down for my medical condition wasn't allow me to ride on mango's harsh suspension settings. So i went down KGC with my bro on my Touge-Ranger~
 As starting from last trip, i was kinda fond on stopping @ Bruas to take a brief stop for refreshment after driving for 1 and a quarter hours. It's does is a peaceful little town.
 And had some local delicious Kuih to fill up my half empty tank. Guess what, 2 Teh tarik, two pulut and two donuts only cost us RM 4~
 I love old school~ car's or bike. This one is decent looking new -old styled bike~ lol
 Finally, around 9am, Touge ranger was resting in the track. 
And i spotted 003's S2000~ in MATT which it's still yellow not long ago~  
 And the track had been properly set-up for car's going in and out of the track.
 And the car starts arriving just after i manage to take a breath~ 
And meeting some of my old BC-M friends~  
And car's which i had known for a few years~  
Waiting to register before getting in the track. 
 Two Camera Ryu~ wakakaka~ OWsome~!
As i spotted a few fresh man coming for the first time 
Litar Dato Sagor~ finally new management had put up some signboard. 
Registration in progress. Everything is key-ed in the laptop and printed the slip for all drivers. 
 BC-M's official logo~ 
First CR-Z i see~ sweet butt~  
 front is decently looking but i still like the back-side~ XD
we had a few fire-extinguisher in stan-by. 
And medical personal from local hospital was standing by as well~
That's part one for now. Will post more pic tomorrow~ (^^,) till then~ 


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Traction Bracket installed and test-ed~

Finally after 3 weeks of CNY hassle basle, i manage to squeeze out time to work on my mango this afternoon. First i did was install the traction bracket which already delivered to me before CNY. 
here's two comparison shot, right side i had installed the bracket, as you can see the traction arm is almost as low as my rear disc rotor. 
as the left side which i haven install, it's level with my caliper which is almost level with the chassis when the car is lowered.  
another angle of view~  left 
from rear~ left 
right. As you can tell the different of the traction bar's angle. It's 60mm lowered from it's original position on the axle.

As i took it on a test run afterward, directly can tell the axle is not 'hopping' as it use to be when launching the car from stop position or kicking clutch @8000RPM from slow rolling start. And it's more predictable during sideway actions as well. Not as they said it's harder to slide the tail out with traction racket installed. 

Will send a few sample unit to my drifting friends to test out once the foundry start pumping out my production units for me. Will post more review later~ cherrio~ stay tuned.