Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friends Garage grand opening~

As i'm still recovering from my back injuries. How would i miss out my friend's garage grand opening?. Good thing i had my own co-driver~ My wife who had follow-ed me around in my Ford ranger tail-gating mango. So i had she drive us to Threshold Garage in Falim, for their grand opening ceremony. 

And right away i was shown with what you can do if you own a garage~ XD 

 and the entertainment for every half an hour.
Justin first run in TG's mean A31 monster~

It's actually a quite good locations to set up a garage, lot's of space, parking and it has a great view as well. 

Dun ever attempt this at home! only passenger can drink.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lying on my back (>_<)......

Sorry for the blanks this few weeks. I had been lying on my bed most of the times for a back injury which i got it from work 2 weeks back. I'm now on medication and frustratingly there's no efficient cure yet for slip disc. (>_<) i had to restrain from doing heavy work (which i did for a living day to day~ Ar~!!!!!!!!) for the next 2 months. 

But i will try to updates on my R&D which only need my brain and my pen to do the job. 

And i'll be working on twin caliper bracket next week. 

(^.^) ~ ~ stay tuned.