Monday, July 23, 2012

Resting and looking back~

I have been resting for almost 12 weeks now~ with my wife doing most of the driving. I really miss sitting in mango's Sparco deng lot~!

And i was so grounded, i start looking back some of mango's old videos and can't notice how much mango had grown over the years.

this was shoot not long after i got mango and broke it's 4K engine. And with freshly installed silver top and KM36 welded axle. It's hard to keep the compounding of mango's understeering all over the place. And initiating a sideway movement also not easy. Even with only 13" wheels installed.

And this is with mango running's stock SVT on Mines ECU with AE86 TRD zenki 2 way 80% lock LSD. It easily initiated drift with minimal effort and the front is holding it's traction even on dry pavement and 15" wheel at the back with fresh rubbers.

Man i miss flooring mango's throttler and i know he sure miss it as much as i am~ (T_T) ~ i still had another 12 weeks of recovering period a head.

But i think mango will be happy in a few months time for he's going to get his engine rebuild for it's piston ring had give way during my last SIC (Sepang International Circuit) open track day.

For now, sleep well mango~