Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mango check-ed in~

The first time i saw my naked mango in the morning light, he seems so miserable. I feel so sorry for letting him staying under the hot sun for so long - exposing his front chassis in the hot sun and rain T-T~ 
Finally i had time to pick him up and send him to 'hospital' to fix his wear-ed and torn body. 
hooking up to the tow truck (with a 'ke-po' indian child who we dunno who's watching dangerously close)
tie-ing up mango's axle to the support beam, so mango won't accidently fall off the support beam.
checking the steering lock and tie on the 'evo-style' side tow plate ^.^ 
on the way ... 
after 2 hours of slow drive (i ask my uncle to drive slowly, make me heart-ache listening to mango's cried going over hump and bad road surface on just two wheels...)
We drop mango off at Ah-lai - Lai Kian Spray Painting : Ah lai - +60164025519

The boss Ah Lai was a really good dude. (compare to his brother :P - just plain rude) he slowly discuss with me on what's suppose to be done to mango, as i wanted mango to be able to survive harsh track day condition. He give me some idea of places to strengthen and places needed rebuild and so. 
At least i had found someone who was willing to take mango in to work on the complex and time consuming re-work. 
Will update  soon after i finish building mango's fiber mudguard. ^.^ till then~ 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new 'sarung' for mango~

McGuyver never ran out of surprises . today, he show up with a 'very interesting' thing as that what he told me when he reach my place.
A TE72 face grill~ and it's still in very good condition with the original SE badge on it!  >_< darn i'm so happy, because i'm planing to restore mango to his prime stage. with all the original parts put back on him. Thousand thanks bro!  ya the best. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

mango strip-ed down~

Two days after i send mango to Mcguyver's place, i got a SOS from him. So i went and saw this~ 
and this~ 
and this~ 
Mango had completely strip-ed down. all the interior was taken out, wiring were out as well and the last thing to took out is~
the heart of the sweet mango~ ^.^ 
Since we dun have much proper tools, so the only way we were to get the engine out was jack up the empty chassis and drag the heart out under it. 
and few minutes of extreme labour, it was out ~ *_*  4age-20v sure was heavy.  
and now mango was ready to send to the body shop for a make over. i doubt most of his panel needed changing and reinforce. lot's more to do on the body. * we stop for cup of coffee before putting back the cross-member.

mango's strip-ed down~2

After having dinner, we start putting back the essential thing for mango to move ^.^ his front leg.
McGuyVer at work~ ^.^ (actually he almost did all the work.) When mango was able to roll around again~ the fun start ^.^
Mango's naked front~ (fender was taken out to send for making fiber body part.2009 first edition Recaro sit >.< haha~ 
Mango's ready to swim in bali's nice ocean~ his is naked~!!! 
imitating takumi's dad when showing his friend the new engine to put into 藤原とうふ店-AE86
(getting his deserved rest after pushing mango around all year long)
McGuyver showing off mango's "new" engine, which was able to produce 1PP (panda power)
Me sitting in mango's new "recaro" sit (replace by an old ammo box, the basket break under my weight) with "OMP" glove and "adidas' racing shoe.
Rest well~ soon mango will return with a fresh body and soul. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi-Low adjustable - pillow mount style~

Something to share with you all ^_^~ An AE86's strut.
this is also the first time i saw the pillow-mount with hi-low adjustable. 
though the adjustable length is only limited to a mere 1.5 inches~ 
but it's all you need to adjust while changing a quick setting during track day~ without needed to jack-up the car and take off the wheels ^.^ simply simplicity~

A day in Sg Petani. And lost~ ^^|||

Today was a non-busy day, so i decided to pick McGuyver and Yus up to go pick up Yus's TE72 from the body workshop. And off we go on 11a.m. sharp. 5 minutes later, we were stuck in a 'rare' traffic jam from auto-city heading to penang bridge. 50 minutes was wasted there *_*......

After we reach the place like 1 and 1/2 hours later, just to learn that the boss wasn't in. Heck~ we hit another wall... a detour to Sg Petani is on, since we was just 10 minutes away.

And soon enough we find ourself lost in the fast development of Sg Petani township. Plus my TiBo was showing me blank screen for all the roads was only been build in this year or two ^^|||... darn...

After a lot of phone call and a lot of U-turn, we reach one of the destination. A chop shop we were looking for this whole day. The first thing come into our eyes was this beautiful AE101 Wagon.  

It was really well kept and wash~ love the white color.
As usual, we all start our routine, hunting for stuff~ ^.^ and i'm not let down.
I saw a super charged 4age 16V
which shock us when we look at the other side *_* darn~ it's a SuperTurbo 4age. 

there's lot of stuff there, but all were very 'well priced' so we left empty handed.