Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Super Turbo???

Did anyone there know what is this???? if got a pully for super charger while still had a exhaust inlet ( for turbo turbine? )
And  there's some piping look like water inlet or kind.
odd looking way of exhaust inlet...
two compress air outlet
the exhaust part look like a water piping's boll-joint :P

Monday, April 28, 2008

After-match from saturday night's touge~

what a night in teluk bahang on saturday night. a lot of "drama" ^.^ which we do like it because we weren't the "lead actors" hahaha~ we were just extras "ke-le-fe".
-> visits ScAvEnGeR's blog for more details ^^(lazy to type :P)

Our crowd sure had grown each time. There's was our famous Penang Touge-king -> Andrew Chew (Snappy one) Wei -12, Partick GUN, Raj-R3, The MECH- Chris (Fer fer) and Tommy (sin) Chan, our Dalai-lama Daniel, and others friends, which i'm so sorry can't really remember all your names. 
And this time i brought my new secret weapon ^^. GPS~
It's quite nice to look at "mini map" while touge-ing. It give me prior information on the corner ahead of me. So i can take faster corner for it's my first time driving all out (in  Ranger) on the touge. just like playing NFS ^.^  

It's a really fun night. And was quite a horror driving a tall 4X4 on a winding road where there's cliffs on your left and deep drains on your right. and not to say tight bridge. Man, it's a scary touge to run in. thanks fully this trip, everyone's car make it safely back to our home except our Raj got hold up by the police till late midnight.  

And more bad news coming up today, during the time i ask my worker to shift the front tyre to the rear, i discover two things wasn''t look right on my ranger!

My tyre -

This is how it looks like after the touge.
and this is the pic i took few weeks earlier... see the side was gone T_T....

and my spring.....

slightly bended at the end where the second spring leaves the support. (i pulled out the 3rd and 4th spring and put in a coil spring for better ride.

looks like this would be the last time Ranger would go touge-ing. Next time, it will be mango's turn to storm down  teluk bahang's windings ^_^ 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monster Garage come to visits.

wonder is it's because of the changes of the state gov, the market seems to be going pretty slow. until the extend, i got lot's of visitors through out this week. first Andrew  chew and his friend drop by during tuesday, for lunch. Later then, Mc-Guyver (ah yong) drop in for a visits. 
then wednesday, ah wei and chean drop in for brunch, and meet up with Kuhan fron Monster Auto works. which he had bring his faithful ford. (with madza interplay nose ^.^)
very nicely kept condition, just look how he shine.

MONSTER kick a** inter-cooler for his B8 turbo. 

one from the side. i can sure it will look even better with 16" on. ^^ 

thursday - ah how from penang (CRX), ah tek(SEG-4AGZE)
friday -  McGuyver, 
saturday - ah wei, andrew chew, ah chow, chean. 

too bad i was busy chatting with them so didn't took much photos. ^.~ next time i will remember to took photos of their rides and make some discribtion on them ^^ 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Banana Rim is home~ with RS-2 on it ^^

finally, after 2 weeks i finally got time to go down to pick my rims with tyre up.

I got my banana rim from this shop in Kulim, Kedah. He did offer me a reasonable price for both the rims and tyres. Thanks Jian.

all four of them lying nicely behind my Ranger.

Just love the banana like spoke of the rim, i know it sure will look good on my mango ^^ he will look even handsome.

This is what we were talking, HanKook Venture RS-2, performance tyre, those RS would possibly enable me go a few sec faster in Kg Gajah.

All stack up nice and clean in my factory, waiting for mango's arrive to put them on...
T_T darn i miss you mango~

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We were going to Kampung gajah again ^.^ hopefully my mango would be done by then so i can sprint through the track again - YES~! i just love to listen to my engine revving at it's end singing happily to me.

To check out the details, please kindly check out Chean Exhaust's Blog.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comedy Court~ really funny dudes ^.^

was surfing all over the place during weekend for the weather is too un-predictable, so i rather "snail" in the house than going out to cruise around. and i come upon this group with their movie clips.

here's some of the videos

and if you wan to watch all of it, go to this link - Comedy Court

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hybrid 4AGE-20V monster Drift-Machine~!

just dig out this photo from my stock of photos. sorry for the poor photo quality, it was taken using camera phone+it's 7.30pm when the photo was taken. It was Choi uncle's ke70 drift car's engine. check out the clean-empty engine bay. For what i know of the engine was it's a silver-top 4AGE-20V, with B16A (re-map-ed) computer board, toda adjustable cam pulley, SR20 distributor, Nology plug cable and SR20 Front pipe. for what he had put inside the engine, no idea :P sorry. i also clueless here. but judging from the "scream" that machine make, it wasn't simple ^.^ wish one day i could had one mad-machine like that one inside my mango too lol ~ until then, cheeers~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

AE86~ ^.^ always a legend.

I bet lot's of ppl never knew one 20++ years old car could get so popular when it's launch during the era. for years, AE86 had been know as one of the worst handling car. but still, it's name was being "clean" by our Jap DK, 土屋圭市(keichi tsuchiya). just the time i go get my banana rim from a friend who own a tire shop in kulim, kedah, i saw his AE86 parking behind his shop, so i quickly take a few snap of it.

he completely copy the look of takumi's 滕原とうふ店 AE86 ^.^

the car is still in it's very original stage, but i do like his rear "duck tail"

even the engine is still stock~! darn.