Saturday, December 24, 2011

AE86 rear Traction bracket prototyping~ V.09

When i was in KGC last week, some KE friends approached me and ask if i can made them something which catch-ed my interest. 
A traction bracket which installed under the axle where adjust the traction rod lower to point downward which will  help pushing the axle on the ground during acceleration. 

So after coming home and done some homework later~  i decided to made a prototype first to try on mango. And since i had a spare axle lying around. So i take it as my 'model' to fashion the brackets.
 After much consideration i decided to work it out from 6mm think of steel (which is the thickest metal i had in my factory) for it would take up a lot of stredd during hard cornering/drifting~
 Steps by steps measure out the holes on the axle and precisely drill the hole out to screw on to the axle.
final testing before weld them together with another piece of steel to add strength.  
Finally them become one~ i only use normal arc welding here for my MIG will only be coming in January next year~ so the final products will have stronger bond~ 
finally give my prototype V0.9 a bright RED coat to make it stand out from the dirty old axle~ :P lol~ 
Will do a test report later when i fix mango's axle, yet again~ 

stay tune~ chao~ 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KGC - 18-12-2011 Taj Collage Race event~ Part 2

After almost 4 hours of timing for race grid *super slow and time consuming for they only had one GPS unit. and the originally 3 laps running - warm-up lap, flying lap, and cool down lap; was cut short to 2 laps, only warm up lap and cool down lap. Which cause a few cars with weaker brake mod to almost ran out from the runway for we were force to make a U-turn at the entry of the S corners which is about 70M from the finishing line. 

At 3pm finally all the cars had line up for the first 1.3L class race~ 
 Han is warming up his KP's engine~ had to keep his foot on the throttler cause it's webber is running very rich~ lol
 And check out the front formula tires from those 1.6L FJ race car~ Love it's Michelin logo~    
 Another familiar face from the MME race this year~ Federal FZ-201 semi-slick tyre~ 
Sorry wasn't able to get a good shot on the 1.3L race, was trying out panning shot which almost all went south~ 
 And the big eyes catcher of the day~ Wawa~ brought to you by Chan Brother - Penang.
 The satria 1.3 and saga BLM were boogie-ing fast~ 
And han's KP were chasing it's heart out~  
A typical race day scene @ KGC, packed with viewers for free show~ 
And what had i said earlier..... han's KP heart were "out" oil temp went over the 150 mark and he had to retired early from the race. And a quick look at the engine, it wasn't looking good. The oil seal were leaking oil severely.    
 After that's it's the satria Neo class~ (with a BLM mix in) And there's a lady driver taking part as well~  
Where she were second last and maybe were pushing her car a littler over the edge, and we can see a lot of smokes came from her car in the last lap, when trying to run away from the last car. And from the amount of it,  i speculate that her car maybe get a blown gasket/broken con-road or piston or the all time famous broken cam pro Gen 1 crank shaft.
 And 2 corners later, she ramp into the tyre wall and stalled. Later we could see black smokes which we get when burning rubbers. And all the racers rush over to check her out.
And one of the driver bring her back to the grand stand. As where all the busy body surrounded the car to take a peek at the conditions of the driver. Which i wasn't really please with them was when the person who was giving first aid to her, (she was unconscious and had an asthma attack) shouting to the crowd to clear up and give her space and fresh air, the crowd still closing in to get a better shot with their cellphone camera.   
It was 15 minutes later and with kind-reminder from us, the organizer only to get the fire extinguisher from the circuit's office and rush to the burning car to try to put the fire out. 
 But it's was all too late for the neo. We could only look from a far where it burns to the ground. 

The fire engine only arrived 40 minutes later after the fire started. And the rain had start pouring down on us. I dun get to take any pictures for it's pouring hard and i was packing to go home cause it's already nearly 5pm. We still had a 2.5 hours drive home and a dinner stop to do. 

Reaching home after 3 hours of driving @ 9pm+ for mango's axle wasn't working as smoothly as it should be. Will took it apart again later to check what is the cause of it. 

Btw, just a small info for you all. They had accepted 112 cars into the race that day. (Where i purposely waited to be the last car to be inspected and numbered) which is way way above KGC's capacity. I can say me and a few of my friends agreed that we were comfort with 30~40 cars and a maximum number of 50 cars to take part in KGC's track day. 

Which this is surely the least organize track day i had been to KGC so far~ 

*Sorry if my words had offended anyone who is reading my post. But it's strictly my view only. Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KGC - 18-12-2011 Taj Collage Race event~ Part 1

It's early morning when we reach the half way mark of our journey~ a small town name Bruas. We stop at the morning market to pack some food for our breakfast.

Peaceful little town indeed~

Finally arrived and park our car before start to roam around looking for friends.* Btw, it's Steve's car in the pic with a 1.5L mineral water on it~ lol
And first thing that catch my ear was this odd little car with odd mod and giving away odd sounds~

Ppl already start getting busy the time we reach KGC around 9 in the morning. Lot's of people had shown up indeed~ 

Car's from the organizer. Now blocking the circuit to stop cars from fooling in the track while registering~ 

Reporting ourself in~ with han in the picture~

And after that a slight briefing~ And i do means SLIGHT~ Only to mention two things, helmets and safety belts. They didn't even mention the flag system, hand sign going in and out, overtaking during the training laps. 

After the short briefing it's time for tyre change~ With my Old 2005 Yokohama A048 in the front and old 2008 AD07 in the rear~ Not really the ideal rubbers to get to time but to have good times~ (^_−)−☆ 
And not to forget to show you all a  little something i made E day earlier to scoop wind into mango~ for me of course~ lol~ BE WARN~! make sure you were wearing Full Face helmet, if not the sand scoop up from the front car's semi/slick tyre will flew all over your face~!

Meet the gangs~

An old face in KGC, Ah KUN with his furious AE92~ which not so furious that day~ :P due to a broken gear lever. Which he had to retired early~ 

And few more friends arrived a littler later and caught in the heavy traffic jam in the KGC compound. And it was a chaos all over the compound. No one controlling the traffic, No one control the entry and exit to the track, No one to flag out ppl who was fooling in the track~ And a lot of them were driving dangerously, especially to those under power car drivers.

Say hi to Justin~ A cherry mate who i get to knew through his car~ lol~ 

This is one of the shot i love on that day~ with only half the car :P

The gang from Threshold Culture~ with one intruder *Steve~~

this would be my wall paper of the day~ lol~ feel free to use it~ 

Justin's sweet KE70~ i love it~!
Peace and good luck on his first run~ 

spot the odd in this pic???? if i wasn't mistaken... GSR usually stated for turbo engine for mist~ hm......

"See i got tooths~!" by Steve's rotary beast~ 

Victor's majestic Rotary monster~

I only get to do one practice round for like 4 laps, just enough for my tyre to warm ups~ And a few others who came later didn't get to practice at all~ And the practice session was a total disasters~ Car's from diff categories going in at the same time. I was blocked by a few cars, a few times. Which they didn't had the decency to let me pass. As it's a common knowledge to let ppl with faster car to pass us on open straight or wide corners with proper hand sign during training sessions. Plus there's no personal to guide the cars from going in and out from the track. Once me and another car almost bang an idiot who rush out from the pit as we were passing the starting lines @ full throttler~ which is just a mere 25m a part!

That's all for this time, will post more pictures and more storied in the next session~ good night~     

Saturday, December 17, 2011

All prep~ load~ and ready to roll~ KGC

Finally took out my old year 05 Neova A048 and 08 Neova AD07 out~ check the tyre pressure~ pump them up with N2~ and load them into mango~ and were ready to hit the road tomorrow early morning to Kampung Gajah Circuit (KGC) ~ had to kick in early~ good night everyone~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mango revived~! for the dunno how many time :P~

Finish install the Zenki LSD and axle shaft. And let the LSD run in for a few days already. Today i finally give it a shot and see how it perform.

So far so good i would say. But it still makes a bit of noise when turning and with gear engaged. The *new LSD seems to lock-up fairly easy. I manage to start sliding mango's tail @ about 3800~4000 rpm (no clutch kick). Will drive for a few more days and see how's the cling-king sound will continues.

Btw, my custom rear traction bracket is almost done~ will post the image when it's installed.  (Prototype quality :P)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally my replacement axle shaft/half shaft and LSD arrived. Had to source another LSD for i wash't able to find a Kouki shaft so i had to compromise with Zenki one, Which on top is Kouki shaft with 25mm diameter and at the side is Zenki shaft with 24mm diameter.
Left to right, Kouki 2-way clutch type LSD, Zenki 2-way clutch type LSD, Zenki mechanical LSD (2-way as well) 
a close look~ the Zenki mechanical LSD uses 4 springs to pre-tension the clutches. 
Parts waiting to be clean-ed, oil-ed and install into mango. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

My AE86 Kouki Axle shaft snap-ed~

After the 'PIAK' sound, i still manage to reversed the car in front of my factory and after jacking up mango,  i check for any visible physical brokerage. 

With no visible damage, i then check mango's wheels. And to my 'horror' the left wheels is spinning 'happily' without any drags.
And this is what i saw after i took out the axle shaft.  
Comparison with the other side, clearly shows you that what had missing from the tip of it~ For the other end is stuck-ed in the LSD, i had to cut off a portion of the broken shaft in order to be able to tow mango to my friend's workshop.
 And call-up my uncle to tow mango~
Mango sure can catch someone's eyes~ ^_^~ 
After taking the LSD out and removed the debris. It's time to hunt for a replacement axle shaft.