Friday, March 30, 2012

Pop Cones~ here i come~ My first Gymkhana event~

I'll be joining my friends Fuji-san, Victor and few others in next weekend's mini Gymkhana event which will he held at Han Chiang Collage, Penang.

Had to start prepping up mango for the day. See you all there~ cheerio~ 

*Picture taken from Pop Cones FB page~ 
Event : Pop-Cones Gymkhana 2012
Date : 8 April 2012
Time : 9am - 4pm
Location : Han Chiang College

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally~ i got mango some fresh rubbers~

For the last few years, I only manage to get mango some second hand rubbers for mango to run on. As my old Yokohama A048 was already 7 years old and my turning G(force) had exceed the harden-ed rubber's limits. For i think it's time i should get mango some fresh rubbers to burns on. And Fortunately i received a un-beat-able offer from my friends who is BIG in tyre business in my region.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prop shaft taken out, fix, install back~ in a jiffy~

All and all, the next morning when i took the prop shaft down and only remember that i'm running a T50 from a 2T engine. Which means it had the same small coupling as a KE does~ ouch~!
 A slight comparison to the 'shoe' size~
 Out with the broken, and in the new. I was amazed how easy it was. Just take out the pin which lock the cap in, then gently (not really needed for it's broken, isn't it?)  remove the coupling cap from both side and you can take the + section out already. 
 Same way you would install it back, slot in the + section of the coupling then slide the cap in from both side. BE EXTRA CAREFUL  here for the bearing in the cap might fall off if you dun take cautious. 
 And a tiny-winy happening in the coupling cap until you can fit in the new clips. It's done~ 
And lastly, RIP my worn, torn, broken coupling~ 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mango sleep out, without it's shoes~

Mango had to spend a night in front of the factory for his prop shaft was sitting on the ground after an unsuccessful attempt to do a power u-turn. The front coupling snapped (>_<) 
So i had to took out all 4 wheels and ECU and lock them up in the office. Who knows anyone will come to try to make some easy bucks, especially during these harsh times.

Monday, March 12, 2012

KGC 26-02-2012 BC-M Track day ~ Part 3

Car park properly planned~ and organized

All parked and let their cars rest from a long journey drive.
And the drives also having a tea break at the newly added cafeteria. 
Here's the guys.
And the ladies~ 
Our blower guy, Mr Kenn making a final routine blowing off any debris off the track.
And our Marshall is ready and in position to start monitoring the traffic and the driver's behavior in the track.
Here's Ann driving Andrew 003's S2000 shaking up the heat in the track.
Soon other drivers going into the track during the free practice session. According the engine class. 
1.5 class
CPS class
our friend BLACK trying hard to save his car which is under-steering heavily on second corner of the 5-hard-turn. 
New member's car driven by our "Teacher".
1.6 class

Soon, not long into the free practice session. some drivers already start going on hot persuit.
Already, drivers have fired up and pushing their car to the limits~ maxing out their tyre's grip in every corners~
Briefing before starting the race. BC-M put heavy emphasize on flags, hand signal and proper racing line.
My old KGC friend Jeya with his pretty wife~ lol~ 
more to come in the last parts of the lot's~ 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KGC 26-02-2012 BC-M Track day ~ Part 2

The signature bird you would see a lot of time in KGC or pasir salak area.
 A few snapshot around the circuit before all the drivers arrive~ 
 Now we had cones at each corners to 'assist' the driver to follow the racing line.
 Good thing the track is starting to dried up nicely. Or most (i would say it's not a good trend) cars was running either toyo 888 or equal semi-slick tyres.
 The big corner infront of the grand stand.
First car coming in is our bro Suhaimi. with his notorious Mivec-wira.  
 and the queue follows~ 
 nice evo~ 
 one eye monster~
 with family~

 Car's queuing up to be inspected and putting in it's proper classes. 
 Checking the engine to ensure it's safe and in good condition to run on track.
Double check to ensure everything is tie down and no leakage.

more to come later~ the actual actions~! stay tuned. lol~