Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fuel is burning in the air~

I thought this was going to be a boring day since business was a bit to the slow side these days~ But who knows, surprise came knocking at the door, not one but two~ ^^

First is my old track junckie friend, Lao San came and get a fix on his old Nexus suspension which i made for him. It's literally old cause he's been running on it for 3+ years now. And still going strong with few services since the installation.  
Always clean and shinny vios~ 

 Showing off the bright teeth~ lol~ 
 Lao san's old Nexus, Competition Spec absorbers.

And the second surprise was Ivan came with his white GTR-ER34 ( GTS) to set up his Tein suspension. Too bad he's not letting me post her pic (>_<). And from his mouth, i found  out that they were planing a trip to sepang around September. So i think there will be more to come later. Maybe~
A living proof of what the condition of the bored-ness has cave in on us. My bro get a hair-do by using our 10 bar compress-ed air-gun~ XD never need to go to saloon anymore~ lol~ 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A little miss-haps~ (>_<) nothing big~ :P

I was having a bit of fun last friday~ and i accidentally created this~ XD~ a LONG 11~ and the mark is still on the floor till today~ despite of the rain last night~ haha~   
If you were wondering what happened that day~ It was just a small 150m sprint i was playing with my worker's 4G93 wira~ :P which he said to had added some horsie to it and had won a mivec-4g93 a week earlier~ 
Though i wasn't really in the wind to drag with him for he's in a high mood~ but he's been bragging it for the whole week and when my friend fuji came on friday, he went on and bugg-ed him. So i finally took up the challenge~  (had to show him some colors :P)~

As the first round went, i was leading by moderate distance - for my worker had a bad launch~ into second round we goes~ 

In first~ i was a car length ahead. As i almost finish revving into my second gear, and i was about to lift to used both engine breaking and brakes (for the road wasn't that long :P) my throttler stuck-ed and the engine still revving at full steam. I had to cut the engine and slam on the brake hard and guess what~? (>_<) DENG rear brakes wasn't responding as it should be! Kick the brake again as i didn't had vacuums assist... the engine was cut-ed remember? 

And walla~ left brake lock-up earlier than right and the car start swaying to the right, and looking as mango closing in to the curb~ only thought in my mind was "oh no, my ONI~!!!" 

and with a small 'pop' sound mango stopped as the tyre hit slightly on the curb. Good heaven it just scratch a little on the rim's edge without bigger harm done~ phew......

Now mango will be going back to Mcguver's place for a brake re-tuning to correct it's front-rear bias~ 

till then~ happy driving to all~ ^^ and be-careful when 'fooling' around~ hahaha~  

Friday, July 8, 2011

LSD for T-18??? can fix KE70 S axle???~

Just starting to throw out rubbish and in the first few boxes of ancient artifact, i dug this out from no-where~ XD~ 
  Was amazed by if a few year back. It is belong yo McGuyver where he pass it to me years ago when he cannot figured out what it is. 
 Ya, i know~ :P we were bored back then XD~ After much research, i found out that this bugger belongs to a T-18 axle with 6" rings and same 20 spine as KE70's ~
 And i took it apart to check were it's a one way~ 1.5 way or a 2 way~ and...... definitely a 2 way~  ^^
 All the clutches was still in good conditions~

 And the pinions as well~
20 spine~ will try to see if it would fit's McGuyver's TE72's(KE70 liftback) original axle~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's your color???

You can said we were too bored or just too mischief ~ XD~ Were working on something idiotic this afternoon. (just some small tricks my bro were doing to 'repay' McGuyver for painting his car's brake caliper awfully ugly~ ^^
enjoy the pic~ hahaha~ 

 BTW, we only used cheap spray can color~ :P dun wan to spend too much for the little fun~ 
 And the final layer was on~ XD

 Looks like candy floss~ nice~ yum yum~
He will be so shocked when he come and collect his absorbers~ XD wakakaka~