Monday, October 26, 2009

No-2 is taken home... (not yet)~

I run away from work for a day just to pick up No-2 from the workshop in Bidong. By the time i arrived at bidong with the carrier, they still haven put on the front suspension so i can drag it up the carrier. So i had to wait under the scorching sun *_*~
While they putting on the thing and the front steering, guess what they did without the dash-board+bracket to hold on the steering~
Typical old-school workshop would do, tying it up using wire~! lol~ then the loading process start~
half way up the carrier, a nother unexpected even happen-ed. The cheap-lak muffler was grinding on the tarmac.... and a peek under the car guess what we found out~! NO SPRING! darn the so call brother of the previous owner had taken the spring~! 
So a lot of man power had to used to lift the rear to clear off the ground/muffler~ you can see a clear white line dragging on the ground~ ^.^ and after some really tense struggling, No-2 was on the carrier, yet the driver stated another concern... No hand-brake... he said the car would swing left and right without the hand brake. So as the result, he can't drive fast on the return trip.
And on the way back, we were going like 70km/h all the way till NT. and the funny part is the rear boot pop up when the carrier overtaken by a trailer~ lol~ the win pressure actually push the boot up even though it was without the rear glass on~ No-2 will be on going a full paint job at Ah Heng's place and prep for installing all the basic parts for my beginner drifting lesson in Batu Kawan.  

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some minor adjustment~

Though mango's chassis rework is almost completion, but since it's fully hand-made so there's quite a few minor adjustment work had to be attend to.
And it's not an easy task as well~ just altered a small portion on the top left on the arch like this~
to this already taken one day's work...... it shouldn't be long.... 7~9 working days will cover-ed everything......

i hopes~ (finger's crossed)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Body work near completion~ ^^ (hurray)~

Finally~ the work on mango was continued..... (after the head-man of ah lai went on strike :P - complaining too much work was did on mango but too little commission.......)
Look nice with the front bumper in already~ hoho~ still need some fiber job to make it perfect fit.
A close-up look on the side of the bumper and the fender, it fits nicely~ a lot of effort had put into this ^^
The rear bumper was also put-on. fit in nicely as well~ more photo will be upload later when i send two better door to fit on mango and fabricate the new side mirror in.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something fishy about this...........

comming soon......

will review more in near future~ ^^