Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oops~ I did it again (>_<)~~

 I was @ Ah Jian's place last week. To trade in McGuver's P1 Racing which i couldn't use due in adequate Offset. And I SAW those lying on the shelf! Watanabe F8 RIMS~! though it's only the 6.5jj version but they were extremely rare. The market is flooded with imitations and some other manufacturers same (almost) design rims. I told myself i had to have them (>_<)... *not again.  

And a few minutes and a very very empty wallet later. They were behind the ford ranger and headed back home. 

Which later i felt that i wasn't like the two with black color so i went to paint shop and look around for special paints for rims. And i fall in love with the Volk Racing color which they recently added to the list.  And while i'm doing my paint shopping, my bro was preparing the rim for painting. He cleanse the rims with solvent and taped the surrounding area which we decided to leave it as it was, aluminum color.

And a few layers of the premier, a few layers of the Volk color and a coating of hard coating later~ walla~ it's shinning like (not exactly) new. 

Hohoho~ i'm a happy dude. I'll be putting on my old AD07 on them later to prepare for the coming autocross training which after mango's major surgery after CNY.