Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bored-om Bomb~! Try guessing what have we done~

Work were a bit slow lately due to my ex-worker all open up a 'stall' behind their house and start drilling shock absorbers and start changing absorber oil.

So i have plenty of time thinking up odd mods to the suspension settings XD~ this is one of them~

* Warning this mode were performed by trained professional. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME~!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product testing - Brisk Premium Silver sparks plug from CZ republic.

Last month, i was introduced a sales person from Brisk by a friend. He had show me some of their products and i'm deeply interested in one of it. The Brisk Racing Premium Silver Plug which they work out the design with Lamborghini. So I ask the sales person to give me a discounted sample set to try out on my Bro's Toyota SE Blacktop 4AGE-20V. 
It arrive shortly and we had installed the spark plug and let it run for a few weeks and it's almost a month now. Which we had felt a slight increase of torque at lower to mid RPM range. But not much increase in higher RPM range. 

Yet, this is not the main point which i had ordered the sparks plug. 4AGE-20V was an old engine engineered about 20 years ago. And it's primitive ignition system with the 12.0+- compression makes it unsuitable to run on any gas lower than Ron 97. Which is bloody expensive by now. 

As the Silver sparks plug had a lower internal resistance and a higher heat dissipation characteristic. We were able to run the engine @ a lower ignition timing and significantly reduces the knocking conditions when we run on Ron95 fuel. 

So far so good, and bro was happy with the fact that he now running on ~ 19cent/km compare to 28/km one months ago.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

KYB road show in Prangin Mall, Penang

Yesterday i was invited my my KYB shock absorbers supplier to attend their road show in Prangin Mall, Penang. So i went there with my wife and daughter. 
 The event is actually at the Atrium A of Prangin Mall. Just beside the Phone Retailer booth. You will saw it as soon as you walk into the centre court area. It's lit-up in Bright RED KYB logo color~  
 There's 3 mini games where you can participate in and if you got the fastest time there's small secret gift.
Booth showing off the internal structure of the absorbers and how it works.  

Just drop by if you were happening to be around the area. There's no loses learning extra new knowledge about our cars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Oni is back~! And rolling again~

After spending 7 weeks in the hand of an Old uncle somewhere in BM, who were said the only man can fix my rims @ it's conditions without heating it up too much until the metal lose it's strength.  From this -

to this~  And now all i need is to wait for McGuyver to overhaul mango's engine so it can perform @ it's normal power band. And also fix the sluggish 4th gear which love to disengage itself during decceration. KGC december i'm coming~ ^_^~

Monday, July 23, 2012

Resting and looking back~

I have been resting for almost 12 weeks now~ with my wife doing most of the driving. I really miss sitting in mango's Sparco deng lot~!

And i was so grounded, i start looking back some of mango's old videos and can't notice how much mango had grown over the years.

this was shoot not long after i got mango and broke it's 4K engine. And with freshly installed silver top and KM36 welded axle. It's hard to keep the compounding of mango's understeering all over the place. And initiating a sideway movement also not easy. Even with only 13" wheels installed.

And this is with mango running's stock SVT on Mines ECU with AE86 TRD zenki 2 way 80% lock LSD. It easily initiated drift with minimal effort and the front is holding it's traction even on dry pavement and 15" wheel at the back with fresh rubbers.

Man i miss flooring mango's throttler and i know he sure miss it as much as i am~ (T_T) ~ i still had another 12 weeks of recovering period a head.

But i think mango will be happy in a few months time for he's going to get his engine rebuild for it's piston ring had give way during my last SIC (Sepang International Circuit) open track day.

For now, sleep well mango~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Friends Garage grand opening~

As i'm still recovering from my back injuries. How would i miss out my friend's garage grand opening?. Good thing i had my own co-driver~ My wife who had follow-ed me around in my Ford ranger tail-gating mango. So i had she drive us to Threshold Garage in Falim, for their grand opening ceremony. 

And right away i was shown with what you can do if you own a garage~ XD 

 and the entertainment for every half an hour.
Justin first run in TG's mean A31 monster~

It's actually a quite good locations to set up a garage, lot's of space, parking and it has a great view as well. 

Dun ever attempt this at home! only passenger can drink.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lying on my back (>_<)......

Sorry for the blanks this few weeks. I had been lying on my bed most of the times for a back injury which i got it from work 2 weeks back. I'm now on medication and frustratingly there's no efficient cure yet for slip disc. (>_<) i had to restrain from doing heavy work (which i did for a living day to day~ Ar~!!!!!!!!) for the next 2 months. 

But i will try to updates on my R&D which only need my brain and my pen to do the job. 

And i'll be working on twin caliper bracket next week. 

(^.^) ~ ~ stay tuned.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Setting for our Penang Touge Meister Mi-Baria~

I have called in Suhaimi last month to bring in the set of absorber which i had sponsored him to let me try out a new settings on it for his weekly touge trie out. So he can test it out for me. 

And with new sticker and all~ 

Btw, i was stuck bedded for the day cause a slipped disk on my back. (>_<) Had missed all the actions in Autocity happening now~! Arrrrrrrr~~!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first SIC from inside the car video~

Sorry for the crappy angle and video quality. I only use my iPod to record the video during the run. 

Just wan to share with you all. (^.^)

First Run.

Monday, May 21, 2012

First Sepang International Circuit experience

It's a sunny day yesterday~ Good weather for us for we were all running UHPT and semi-slick tyre~ which weren't any good in wet condition. I got my call that our car had arrived at the Paddock around 7 in the morning. 
And my car cannot get started for the trailer driver told me that mango was screaming through the night (alarm went off due to the vibration, forgot to turn off the vibration sensor)
And after unloading all the cars (didn't get to take photo due to busy waking mango up) We all unload all our stuff and getting ready the cars.
And some were admiring others car while waiting for the organizer to announce the track is officially open.
And mango was siting noisily for i need to let the engine running to charge up the batteries.
And there's car which had been here since last night (Saturday night fever) which were waiting to join the afternoon Time To Attack event~ 
And i take the little time off to stroll around and enjoy the calm ambience~ 
And i'm glad to see how clean it was kept.
my friends told me i had to walk all the way out to get my Open Track Day's driver tag. Which is about 500 meters away (>_<)
And caught in the long queue of ppl who also only received the 'order' after parking the car in the paddock.
(hm~ i swear i seem her somewhere before.........)
*goodthing i bring mango along with me, so i won't need to walk all the way back to the paddock~ lol
And there's the wait again~ Everything is so calm before the track opened.

And i decided to take another stroll to see what's in the other paddock.

bunch of hondas~ 
a shy fellas hiding deep inside~ 
And people selling food and drinks (>_<)can drinks selling @ RM3/can~ yaiks!
A beautiful KTM X-Bow~
The Event of the day~ 
My friend's 101 spotted~! 
And a handsome NSX GT car~ 
Our lady drifter spotted~ lol

And by then, the track was opened~ and i rush back to paddock 9 where mango was parked and fired him up. And in the track we go~ (videos were uploading to youtube now, should be ready by tomorrow)

For this is my first time in SIC, i waited for others to go in only i follow the others. So i can copy their lines from behind. Which i regret to said, unsuccessful. There's so much width and different car were suite to take different racing lines. And i wasn't sure about which line to take at all (>_<) But anyhow~ i just go on and enjoy the drive in the nice and even pavement.

The FZ-201 got plenty of grips and i can feel from the steering feedback which mango's telling me he got plenty of grips upfront. I just keep testing new lines for every corners. Until i eventually snap the rear and spun. And truly old chassis and fix axle with 0 degree camber had lower lateral G limits than live axle cars.

All new cars were scary. Just see how they took those corners without hesitations~ And for the first time i feel the urge of having more power as seeing those car with bigger engine leaving me behind after exiting corners where i could still keeping close to them entering the corners.

I did 5 laps in the first run, though i plan to come out at lap 4 but i miss the exit and had to take another lap. Then rest for a while, which i meet Simon and give him a taxi ride~ another 4 laps and another spun and i'm out from the track again~ For my 4th gear keep poping out whenever i let go the throttler.

After some inspection and still can't figure what went wrong. Our 'what-ever, just go have fun' kick-in~ And when it's my turn to leave the pit lane, the car in front of me spun and stalled @ the first corner in front of me eye. And red light came on. I had to wait at the gate for a couple of minutes which i was grateful that i still have mango's air-condition intact. LOL~ i can wait in cool cabin whereas i can see a few car behind opened up their car door to let the 'cold' wind in.

The car were tow out and the track were open again~ I tried to push mango a bit to see how the tyres hold up. And it's great~! until i felt my left wheels were vibrating when i was on full breaking, it's time to went back to the pit. This time i only manage to done 3 laps.

A quick look at the front disc. And instead of the brake, it's the crossmember that caught my eyes. Mango's oil pan is wet~! OMG. something is leaking oil. I opened up the hood and had a quick check around the top portion. No trace of oil. Which could be the lower part which is leaking. As a faulty crank oil seal or a leaky oil pan gasket isn't a good sign+might cause danger to other drivers. So i reversed mango out from the pit and part it outside where he won't obstruct other's traffic. And let him get his well earned rest. Until i'm sure he's good and healthy again. SIC will have to wait.

And since it's only 11.15~ i took out my camera and getting around to watch the actions~ 

the lambo is pretty hard to get the timing right~ It's so bloody fast~!
And some one decided that the Non Sticky driver tag had other place to be where it's more visible. 
And finally it's 12, and everyone pack-ed up and start loading their cars onto the trailers and waiting to get home.


I'm coming home~ coming home......