Monday, November 28, 2011

Absorber's for my engine in the making~

After some tweaking to the ECU and some secret electric controller(will told you later) mango's engine mounting cannot withstand the twisting force of the engine anymore and finally give way...  and the engine is rattling like hell whenever i try to launch my car from standstill, and whenever i try to spin my rear wheels in a corner. 

And after much considerations for engine stability stuff~ i almost forgot what my expertise is. LoL~ Absorbers! So i can just make one and counter out the twisting force of the torque from the engine.

  200lb+ of bounce and re-bounce force to hold my engine in place instead on try to tear itself off the engine mounting~ lol~ it's my first try though. Hope it would work out well~ (finger crossed) 
hm~ think i should put it a little higher. 

btw~ it's 3 weeks countdown to KGC track day~ and still got more to prepare~ GOGOGO~ aiming for 52sec flat track timing this trip. To broke my old 53.2 sec. One steps further~ (^.^)

cheerio~ happy prepping everyone. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

RSM testing~

Having dug put my Apexi RSM (RevSpeedMeter) which had been lying in my house for almost 2 years~ and have it installed by Mcguyver last week. And having tweak it to 1% accurate for the speed reading via 2 unit of GPS, i took it for a 0-100km/h sprint test. And the fastest i get with my heavy fully furnish car.
At 1030kg+driver - me (76kg) this is the best result i get with all 4 195/50R15 Maxxis MAZ-1 which is street tyres. Will try put on my A048 a take another reading when free. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

A short clip on the playground.

I think you all might be able to see it's a small 'track' As not really that friendly for turbo cars or car's like mine who had longer gear ratio. 
(Arthur's Run)

Still considering to change mango's final drive to 4.55~4.7 or go ahead with getting a new ke70 chassis which is lighter and more suitable for this place..... hm~ 

"Drift Playground" Report~

I arrive at the scene as told by Arthur by 6PM and what come into my eyes was a set-up-ed parking lot with all the fencing on     =_=||| ⋯⋯
 And they had already begun playing from 3PM ~ by the time i reached there, Arthur had already finish 6 pieces of tyres. Changing into his 7th and 8th~ deng.
 First action i saw at the playground~ An unknown engine KE70 VS SR20 TE72
 Zam's 16V KE70
 "dunno what engine" KE70
 Arthur's 4AGE-16V TE72
 waiting for the turn to go in~
 he manage to play the whole hours on those two tyre only~ sweet~
 Shake down of the two 180SX

 Mouse (the playground organizer)'s 180 in action.
 And i spend 1.5 hours driving from Simpang-empat to Jawi via highway~ Had to take a stop at jawi R&R for the racing clutch is killing my legs.
A view where the traffic was "crawling" slowly like.... 3.5KM/H on my GPS =_="  

After a small test on the playground, only to find out that mango wasn't set-up to play in a place so small. The gear ration wasn't responding well on the small space. Where everyone was drifting on 2nd 4000~6000 rpm. Mango can only pull around 3500~5000 at the same corners, same speed. Well under mango's power band.

Now i've had a wild idea to build a 4age-20v KE70 if my friend can spare me his car~ hahaha. Stay tune.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Testing new drift 'track'~

Hola~ everyone~ I'm going to butterworth this sunday evening to test out a new place my friend Arthur had search for us to train our drifting skills~  A big-o car park (should be⋯⋯)~ 
(image taken from google earth)
It's just behind the Public bank on Jalan Bagan Luar~

And we were looking for static 'share holder' who can share the cost of renting the place for a long periods~ 
Contact me for more info ;) and stay tune for pic and videos after this sunday's test drift~ 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mean machine - Cars~

Sorry for taking so long to upload the photos. Was busy with works for business is harsh lately. (>_<)

Btw~ here's some of the pic i promises. It's not much~ for i'm not a fans of Body-tuned-car. I LOVE cars which burns lot's of petrols and able to burns lot's of rubbers~ XD 
My friend "mouse"'s 180sx~ 
Leng Yan with her photographer in front of her Hummer H3
Arthur's nice TE72, it's on a Loan that day~ 
A nicely keep Alfata GTV1600~ always wanted one of those~ (>_<)
love the front rim~ XD~ kakaka`
Han, Jeraya and their 5k 'Kambing' Starlet KP61
just some shot from my far-far-relative-cousin's Sonata~
And Vodka~!
And better dun went over the speed limits lol, for this will be on your rear view mirror~ 

enjoy~ cherrio~ 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Start Shipping~! yeah~

Finally~ after much tuning and testing~ i had finally finalize some of the specs for my custom tune-d absorber. And already received several orders from all around peninsular Malaysia. Here's some candy for ya all~ 
 TKA - Tuned custom absorbers for KE70/AE86/Charman/KE20/KE30/Starlet 

2.5~4 inch short-strok-ed 
with three different specifications to choose from~  
For street (slight tuned car) - Touge Spec~
Those who love winding roads~ - Touge X2 spec~ 2 times harder than touge spec
And those who burns tires and go sideways - Competition Drift spec~ 

And this is for Toyota Vios pre 2005 model~ And just a little secret, the owner had something with black-top and 4 throttler body put inside his tiny vios~ hohohoho~ he's gonna kick some a** in Karak Highway~

stay tuned~ more to come i am working on something to damp my engine 'twisting' problem and rear axle hopping issue~ will post it as soon as i had the time~ 

till then~ cheerio~ drive safe everyone.