Monday, June 22, 2009

XTR3 hohoho~ boom~!

Life was boring.... with out mango at my side. So i went to any petrol-head's favorite hanging place, 'chop-shop' and saw this lying around.
Actually it had been lying there for ages. probably since march. And no one would take it home. Why? one of the woofer is 'faulty' aka broken~ * but a closer examination, i found out the cause was the woofer's spider bracket came off - possibly due to excessive 'booming' nothing not fixable here ^.^~~

So i offer my fello seng, a price he would go mad for the subwoofer(2X-orion XTR3)+amp (boyds300)+box (^^,) but he'd let it go at the end :P lol~ who would buy a piece of broken sub woofer??!!
After some patience patch job, the xtr3 was up and running again ^.^ and it work fine~ clean and solid bass start pumping out of the box.

you all must be asking if i was to put the subwoofer in mango? The answer is YES. i need the extra weight to put mango's rear speed down on the pavement. and it was perfectly heavy~ hohoho~

p.s. - 37KG in exec. It's a darn 1.2inche thick HDF board afterall lol~

Mango's progress 5

Finally, meet the culprit which had made so much noise since Dec 2008 track (drift) day. 
Torn rear wheel fender arch. lol~ this bugger had been clinking noisily and the fact which force me to send mango in to fix it's chassis. 

And Lai fix it in a jiffy (one week of work actually :P)

At least the inner part of mango is almost done. The other part should be able to complete in one months time. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mango's progress 4

Went to lai's place with Mcguyver and my brother ^^. They said they also miss mango. So we went to see how mango was healing. Seems they had start working on the rear bumper mod.
More work on the rear.
Rear floor panel done
front floor panel done.
Engine bay and distributor setting hole done.
The front end now look tough and feel tough too. The fender won't flex and bend like last time.
I'm a happy man ^.^

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mango's progress 3

Go on check mango again and what came into my eyes shocked me O_O~ 
the whole side panel was re-build-ed~ holy gosh~ as Lai said he cannot bare with the 'rotten' part. As he promise me a 10 years road going chassis.
And more panel at the rear were chopped off as well... 
They even looked inside the main structure and had it strengthen with bars to support the cross-member and the engine's twisting power.

so far for now, looks like mango's period of stay in the 'hospital' would had to extended. 
Tsuchiya(DK) please blest my mango ^.^ hohoho~ 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mango's possible coming brother~ ^.^ ~

After seeing this 'bugger' at one of my favorite foreman's place, and he give us an offer we cannot resist, me and Mcguyver was planing to take it home. But too bad it's still hanging in mid-air, without the brake system. Which the workshop owner yet to put it back...  So we still had to wait for a few day before we can take it to another place to restore it to a stage which we can take it to puspacom (malaysia's inspection centre) to get road worthy approval and did the name changing process. 

here's some sneak peak of it~ ^.^  
You all should had able to guess what car it is right now~ lol~ wish us luck on putting it back on road~