Saturday, November 28, 2009

Change of plan ~ dramatically....

An altered bad news came from the paint-man~ hoho, one week back~ @_@ i wasn't able to upload any photo to blogger this whole week~! darn malaysia's connection.

So this is the news,
the passenger side's body line was slightly curved-in, maybe due to excesses welding and re paneling.
The roof of mango was slightly angel-ed, like 5~7 degree at the point of it's center-beam. A sign of he might been had a heavy fall onto drain or something hard hit underneath.
things was slightly better, but still there's some de-formation on the roof as well.

So, after much discuss with my paint-man, he advised that i paint mango in mat black, it will covered up the deformity, at least.... So, i'll keep mango's current tune setting but will added a bit of comfort to it~ :P (air-con and some audio) hoho~

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally at the paint-job shop~

Show some first~ ^^
side mirror on already~
a bit of mango's butt~ really look like AE86~ :P
side by side with No-2~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mango's final inspection on body work.

Just come back from checking mango's work detail for the last time. Just to make sure there's no over shoot work or un-welded panel. The only additional panel which had been added is the reinforcement of the pan-hard rod's bracket.
This should make sure it won't bend or wobble during high-speed cruising.
Finally all the body widening panel was in place and blend-in with the body slim line~ hoho~

look at the arch from a nother angle. Only some minor adjustment remain and mango was expected to be picked up on friday afternoon~ 

T_T which means a few ~K~ of $ gonna be falling out of my wallet by then *_*

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HDD almost crash~ *_*

My pc's HDD was making an awful lot of noise, thus pass experience told me that it's about to give way~ so i had order this baby two weeks ago (seems like most PC store dun even know about it :P and of cause~ NO STOCK ~ XD),

I love the massive cooling fin come with it~
The badge~ what's so special? 10k rpm, yo~
I will update more on mango, and mango2 as soon as i get my pc up-and-running and finish transfer everything to a external storage. T_T 1TB is bloody lot of data~ 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mango-2 is undergoing his paint job~

Door taken out~ hoots off, and all the available panal is going to taken out as well, mango 2 is ready for his in-out-through body paint with one layer of foundation/anti-rust layer and then will be painted with matt-black~ (my own absorber paint :P)
taking out the door to fit to mango 1, cause it's in better condition. Since mango-2 is only for 'play-ing' purposes, he will get give all the better parts to mango-1, which i will be making a road friendly model.
Ah Heng is cleanning up the rust which form in the years under the canvas which the previous owner had left it to be.
While cleaning the rust on the rear pillar, i saw something i had never seen before~ the original welding (IN COPPER~!) of the roof to the chassis's pillar.
Working hard to take out the side window which i will keep it as a spare for mango-1 and later will replace with acrylic panel, ^_^ if can find polycarbonate it's better~ fufufu~~~ more to come next week when i took mango back from Ah Lai's place~
keep the pants on firmly yo~

Dream Tacho~

Saw this on ZTH just now. An display item in Toyota history garage in Megaweb, Tokyo Japan.
It's an original Toyota 15K rpm tachometer. Dunno from which vehicle, but the red line only start from 12K rpm onward *_* darn~

wish i could put my hand on one of this babdy ^.^ and get a engine to match it as well~ :P fufufu~