Friday, April 26, 2013

Cleaning up me axle~ and paint it.

McGuyver had cleaned up mango's axle to be painted before putting everything back together. For this i had choose the color "admiral grey for all my under carriage parts, with lacquer added for easy cleaning in the future. 

I'm still waiting for my crucial parts to be arrive from australia via my cousin's hand. Looks like mango will had to stay off the ground for a bit longer......

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rear double caliper bracket done~

After much cutting and milling and measuring and altering~ And some high torque range bolts and nuts. 
 And some paint~ finally my double caliper fitting bracket were done. Along with 25mm spacer on each side to clear the axle. Which means my rear wheels will be riding 20mm wider than before. (>_<) more GRIPS~! yeah~ or it's not good news for autocross??? ~ hm~ 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{For Sale} Tein HA/HR locking ring

Recently I got a few customer coming in TEIN HA/HR with broken locking rings. Seems like the material was at it's end-of-life. So i had to source replacement for them. And after some ordeal. It seems that it's becoming common that old TEIN coming in from Japan would have a broken locking rings.  
So i had to ask my neighbor who fortunately had CNC to make me some new one. And since the boss said it wouldn't be cost effective to make just 2~4 pieces. (in which it would cost more than 200 for just a pair) So i had to settle with making 50 sets - one big ring and one small ring X 50 as minimal order. 
In which after taking out some of the pre-order unit and some I would keep for my future customer. I still have 15 extra sets to let go.  The specification is 57.5mm inner hole with 3mm thread. It will fit any TEIN, coil over with the corresponding thread size. 
The price is MYR100 for one set consist of one big ring and one small ring. Excluding mailing/shipping charges.  Anyone who were interested can contact me via my company TKA Motorsport

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why I had been missing all this while~

Firstly, mango is going through another heart transplant. This time was because the old SVT block had some cracks (or what we think it was) on cylinder 1,4. And Mcguyver thought that the original BT con-rods wasn't up to the jobs for our 9K rpm plan for the engine. So we were still waiting for my H-beam conrods from US to arrive. 
 And mean while. I'm working on the following projects. One of it was the thing that just came in from workshop. Guess what's it's for. 
(pss. whose who had come to my shop and saw it please keep silence and let those who haven saw it give their wild guess ;) ~