Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'll be back~~ Next week ^^

Went McGuyver's place yesterday~ Good to see his TE72 on it's foot again~ but he tell me he had some miss-haps a night before~ XD~ fuel wasn't coming in well while he was doing some 'illegal' donuts @ Batu Kawan area~ lol~ Might be a faulty AC-pump. that's why it's parking @ the roadside. hahahha~
 But he did some polishing to the car~ and darn, look how straight the body line is, sure mango will be really envy on that~ But darn, my old 13" Enkei looks good on his TE~ anyway, mango wasn't able to wear those anymore since the brake upgrades~ 
 Just took some shot at an alley where i buy my lunch today~ the sky was a bit moody but the light was perfect on mango's matt body~ how i wish i can drive mango under the moody soft light in New zealand or scotland~ mango's matt black would be astoundingly beautiful~ ^^
 And another shot from the side~ i'm getting pretty stuck with the ONI these days. Make mango looks 10  years younger~ lol~
Btw, mango's axle is start making fairly lots of noise. I think it's time to get the final drive's crown gear checked. Will do it after i came back from KL next week~ till then~


Monday, June 20, 2011

Something is brewing under our nose~ hmmmmm~

Went spot-check friend's workshop at Jalan P.Ramlee last week when he went on for honeymoon in Hattyai~ XD~ and guess what i found~ hahahahaha~ 
Guess there's someone secretly brewing something monstrosity under our noses without us knowing anything hohoho~ Let's keep our mouth shut until he unveil the monster heart in his TE72 later~ lol~

till then...... cheerio~

Friday, June 17, 2011

Progress~ progress~

Going to McGuyver's place this morning~ and saw his car were on stands all 4 corners~ he had taken out all the brakes and links for servicing~
 And he slightly painted the rear axle (he is very picky on how the car looks
 And set everything in for a new sets of absorbers for the front~
 What else i would let him runs on? APM? Mando? NO~!!!! Surely it had to be a pure TKA breed~ lol~ Genuine Touge spec Special.Absorers.Modification absorbers from TKA~ XD~ (sorry for some self-AD here~ :P)
 Well... as we were planing to use the slotted rotor which was taken out from my AE86's knuckle~ but seems like it won't fit on KE70's knuckle so idea abandoned~
 We revert back to use the original KE70's brakes~ since McGuyver will still runs his 4K under the hood for a while, we think it should be able to deliver enough breaking power with a servo and pad upgrades~ And off we go to Penang island to pick up some 'nice' parts for his car~ ^^
 All and all~ it's time to fill up the tummy for it's pass lunch time~ And~ we drove to the only Burger King in Penang~ about the location...... sorry i can't tell the places's name. Just let you know it's close to M-Power's shop and in between the sea and Jelutong highway~
 Love their burgers but there's only one outlet in the island~ non off-shore around north malaysia~ (>_<)
 McGuyver~ giving the 'what you wan?' stare~~~~ XD~
 With a full stomach we set to the designated location we were heading~  My old friend Yus's place~ @Lorong KG Rawa near Volvo service centre~
 And pick this bugger up(i had bought it actually)~ a AE86 T285 axle with a faulty LSD~ will try to open up later to check for the problem~ (though my true intension was to took the ring gear set to use for my Mango (^^) )
And after a few hours of chit-chat and going around a few friend's shops (also chit-chatting) and taking a hefty dinner @ Char Ling Park~ and we head for home ~  a tired but enjoy-able day....

*p.s. actually feeling a bit bad to had my bro handling the factory for a whole day (>_<) ~~~

Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit of everything~

Was @ Gurney drive - Penang yesterday for one of my good friend's wedding dinner~ went there quite early for afraid parking space may be scare during peak hours (6pm~11pm)~ I park me car just beside the restaurant and walk 350m down the lane to Gurney plaza to get myself a cup of nice Cappuccino Frappuccino  and playing my PSP to kill off the time before heading back to the venue. 

And this beauty catches my eyes.   
The bridal car is actually belong to Raymond, who runs a petrol station around Butterworth. I last seen it was a year ago and wasn't this complated yet~ And blime, what a beauty it had became~ 
To the left, ah-sou, Arthur~  
And his best buddy, who i share table with, Kuhan of Monster Garage~! You will understand the meaning of monster once you meet him~ XD

When the dinner was done~ and i take leave. As my puppy had instructed me to get her a McD burger for breakfast, so a detour to  Autocity is in-avoidable~ And never cross my mind that i would meet Fujiwara83 there~ As we sit down and take a nice chap~ hence his friend rush over and told us a news......

 Mc-D is closing down in a short while~ and DARN! i haven order my puppy's burger! A quick knock at the locking up door and ran to the counter...... there's only two burger left, one mc-chicken deluxe and another mc-chicken(she wanted a BIG Mc...... looks like she would be really disappointed). What would i said? TAKE BOTH~! lol~ 

This morning~ i received a call from McGuyver~ (i was still sleeping XD) and ask me if i were free this afternoon~ he's going to pick his car up and needed a ride. (WHAT?? what is he getting?) And a good friend never say NO~! lol~ most of my brain was giving the 38 sign btw~

So i pick McGuyver up and went all the way to Bukit Mertajam~ okok, not really far away~ lol AND the moment we were close to our destination~ i was like~ NO WAY~! he's getting a TE72 (KE70 in malaysia for it's 4K engine)~~~ another new member in da club~!
 The body part looks all still sticking together well, and the engine roar in a single twist of the key~ just a bit to Mcguyver's dislike was the welded axle~ 
 typical McGuyver's movement.... inspection~ looking at any flaw and start making a to-do list~ 
 standard 4K engine~ not much to see here...
and pretty old-n-worn tyre~  
 Ah~! a hole~!
 one of the tyre was leaking air faster then we can pump-in~ 
 today only i learn the goods of having a rear wing~ 
 Anyone interested in getting some nice rims (mostly 5 lug with 114.3 hole~ 
 can contact here~ ^^
 mango side by side with his new friend~ ^^
 McGuyver's new ride come with some sweet goodies~ really classic old school rims~
Just fitted the only one with tyre on to replace the one which was leaking furiously~ and set we go~ 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Cleaning~

After driving with the current settings for a year and so~ i start to feel that mango wasn't responding to the throttler as he used to be before the body restoration..... perhaps i had to get some 'upgrades' for mango had putting on quite some weight ^^ (now fully carpeted and an extra 60kg of steels from the body strengthening + rusted panel replacement)

So as usual, i send mango to McGuyver's hand to get it clean up and do some minor adjustment~(it was actually a week before lol~) and he just send me the pic yesterday~ 

 We removed the original SVT head and take a look at the piston~
 And to what we had been guessing...... thick layer of carbons had build up on it~
 and another look at the head as well, it looks ok as my oil change was very frequent~ around every 3000~3500KM on semi 10W40 oil~
 So the cleaning started, start by brushing off the carbon from the piston~
 Then comes the minor 'upgrades'~ BT head with polished port~ and CLEAN up nicely with alkaline base cleaning fluid~
 My HKS plug also received a nice bath~ hohoho~
 And after all was cleaned~ in the new gasket, which is not that expensive for something that would last this much pressure and it's ORIGINAL from toyota~ ^^
And the clean and polish-ed BT head~ It did give me a bit more torque @ lower rpm, 2.5k~ 5k with better respond @ 4-5 gear range~

And the best part is~ It save on fuel compare to before the cleaning~ (^.^)~ yeah~!!!!!! more $$$ to pay for other parts~ lol~

Monday, June 6, 2011

lol~ what's going round and round???

About the pic i show you before in my last post~ which i said there's something to it~
This is it~ enjoy ^^

KGC - Retro Race 2 05-06-2011

5.45A.M.~ hohoho~ can't remember when's last time i wake up this early in the morning ^^. And leave the house @ 6.45am. Then meet up with fujiwara 83 @ Changkat Jering around 7.45~ and we were on our way to Kg Gajah. It was nice to drive this early morning, enjoying the cold breeze of the country side winding road~  
And finally arrived at KGC just little after 9~ we were driving pretty slow, just to enjoy the drive. 
 My bro was driving my Ford Ranger this time, bringing the tyres and tool box ^^can't afford to run A048 on road and some more afraid it's gonna rain, for A048 is bloody slippery in wet (>_<)
 Some cars already arrived much earlier than us~ hoho~ but again.... where's the real RETRO???
 Ah Han and the girls was busy 'checking' us in~ hohohoho~ 
Every contestant was feasible to become a member of PMSC (perak motor sport club- if i wasn't mistaken~ )
 It was soon start filling ups with cars around 10am
I only took the C (1600cc) group~ btw, i was just went there to stretch my muscle, getting old ya know~ lol And mango hasn't let loose it's breath for a long time already.  
 This car i like~ A KE26 with 86's heart and axle~ 
 Love the rims~ really old school~ DEEP dish STEEL wheels~ deng.
Btw, this is some real retro, too bad it wasn't going down the track at all...... (most of them didn't) 
A sneak peek into the hood and what you know~ the spare was in the front~!
Bt mid day, though the morning blazing sun had start cooking my skin, the sky seems to think another way, it's seem to be a bit moody. 
I still haven figure out what happened to the car, smoke just keep poofing out from no-where. 
Jeya and his lovely GF, keep your question~ i didn't know much of a details~ XD 
Only Hachiruku Coupe on the day~  

 Nicely keep KE and properly tune as well, i manage to have a few fun laps with him~ good driver.
Only breed of the days. 
Only FF car in Group C. Bloody fast machine~  
Will fill you in with something cute with this pic later on next post, stay tune~ XD 

So...... this was the thins they used to write the number on my car...... ic ic 
 The view of the track.... partly though. wish i got a fish-eye lens to capture a wider view~ (>_<)
anything particular with this??? 

Girls of the days, busy putting stickers on our cars. Really a hard work for them under such hot weather~  Thanks Girls~ ^^ 
 Some of  the miss haps of the day, and also some of the reasons i decided not to take part in the Race later afternoon.
 Love the rims, thought not really clear in the pic, but deng shinny in real time~! 
Rotary power-ed 808 
 Around 4.30pm, and last peek of the track then we leave and hit our way home~ didn't really manage to took many pics for my hand was busy with the steering~ lol, and a bit light headed from a busy day+lack of sleep a night before. All i can think that time is my air-coinditioned room and my cosy bed~
not that clear in the pic, but i tell you, his face was deng RED~ lol, we all were~ hahahaha~  
For 4 years i had been visiting KGC and run the Terong-Bruas-Titi Gantung-Kg Gajah route and never i knew there's actually a chinese stall selling proper chinese food in Bruas (>_<)~ wth~!!! 
Finally, reaching Changkat jering tol means only an hours drive away from home~ Sweet cosy bed awaits me..... lol~