Friday, April 20, 2012

Some info on the Federal FZ201~

Some friends had ask me about the Federal FZ201 i just got last month. So, i took a couple more pic and captured some information on it to show you all. 
 Ok, what i have is a 205/50 R15 which is a bit wider.
 And the Treadwear is only 60, yes 60! even toyo had a TW of 100~ 
 The cool FZ201, too bad the wording doesn't stand out like 888 does~ maybe Federal can work on this a bit~ (^O^)  
and the FOR COMPETITION USE only FMS sign~ BE WARN~ accept your consequences if you run these baby on normal tarmac~ hohoho~ 

now waiting for my friend McGuyver to borrow me his BR P1-racing rims to fit it on.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pop Cone Gymkhana Video By Yaw-Chan

Please click on the link to get to the Video, somehow i can't link video from vimeo into blogspot, hope they can resolved this issue soon~

 Any way, i manage to see myself in the video for just a split second, :P @ 1:47. Really, just a second only~ lol ~ Enjoy! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

My first event trophy~ (^_−)−☆

And this is my first open event trophy i ever win. And a lucky win i should say. There's a few drivers who were better than me and faster than me, just they had made some mistake maybe due to stress. Any way, i'm officially falling in love with gymkhana now~ hope i got more chance to practice and take parts in more event later in my driving life~ 

Thanks for sharing my joy in motorsport, i really had a lot of fun that day. Hope meeting you guys soon~!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pop Cones~ here i come~ My first Gymkhana event~ Videos Section~

Here's the first video~ more to come later for uploading videos here is super slow~ (>_<)
Justin's run~

Darren's Run

Rueben's Run

My first Gymkhana event~ Pop Cones~

Finally, my first participation in a gymkhana - autocross event. Which was held in Han Jiang collage in Penang, Malaysia. I was there invited by a friend calling ups FR cars for which he said there were not many. So i answered his call and went~ 
But when i arrived, there were plenty of FR car's. A few nissan A31, RX7 FC, FD's, and not to mention, a lot of KE's~  and i found a parking place right beside my friend's car, from left to right, Reuben's means KE-Levin, Hafitz's KE-Levin, Arthur's TE-Levin, and my 20V mango~It's a 4AGE showdown~ 
 And here's the course. A small parking lot beside Han Jiang stadium/hall.
 And this is the cone we suppose to pop???
At 10AM, all drivers was call-up for a briefing~ 
And this was the layout we were suppose to follow~ A simple plan for new-bies like me~ (^_−)−☆
(stolen this pic from bro Victor~ :P hope he dun mind~)
And we start out morning walk~ lol, to familiar ourself with the course. I took 3 walk and a run, literally~ And soon after that, it's FUN time~! 
Thanks Shng.Sam bro for the great pic~
All and all, mango's engine didn't suite the course too much. Every time i come close to the power band, i had to let go throttler already. And the 80% lock LSD isn't helping much either~ it keep pushing mango's front end out when ever i step on the gas when exiting corners.

Now i finally realize that i had to start taking notes on what setting i should have for each event. Lot's of homework to do and lot's more to learn~

Will post more pic after i got them from my bro+friends. Will upload some video tomorrow. (our internet upload speed slow like hell. Tooks overnight just to upload 50Mb of video file)

stay tuned~!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

LCA fitted and running~

Finally, wednesday~ it was the day in a week i had the least customer~ So i decided it's a good time for me to took out the old worn lower arm and fit in the new set i just done. 

It's 10.45 in the morning~ 
 The first arm came out at around 12.30PM~ had a bit of hiccup on the Caster arm. And only to realize that the RCA+short steering won't fit onto my knuckle for i had altered the brake bracket to hold the twin pod from evo3~ So had to use back original power steering knuckle. 

And upon fitment, another problem occurs when my brake disc was grinding onto the LCA when turning. As the culprit was my 'stubborn' design on maintaining the steering turning angle and used a deeper offset brake disc on the original AE86 knuckle. 

But nothing cannot be solve with a bit of grinning and cutting~ lol~ a few moments after it was fitted in and with the extended tie rod from KM36, went in without any argument~ All and all, it was 3.30PM already~ yaiks~ All the calculation goes well with stock AE86 systems. So, at least it let me know when others might running a RX7 rotor or so, it might not fit. Have to took in consideration when redesign my next BETA version~ lol

After a short rest it's time to went to the tyre shop~!
 A show from under~ was setting it to 25mm+extended arm 20mm which i had 45mm on hand which give me about 3 degree of chamber on each side. 
 42mm on the left for my crossmember wasn't dead centre and chassis wasn't really perfect as well. This is the magic of Lower Control Arm, we can set the lower arm to compromise our pillow mount to get accurate chamber we want and still can fiddle with the pillow mount when running on daily basis.
 how mango looks with -3.5 degree of chamber~ 
 a shot on the alignment machine~ the toe was set to -0.30 later on each side.
 My steering radius had increase slightly but due to the RCA+short steering knuckle won't fit so i can't get more turning angle. (plus the twin pod caliper was 'crushing' onto the caster rod already.

As everything was looking nice and tidy~

Sh*t does happened if we wasn't paying attention!!!

I run over a curb @ a corner which i drive over everyday~ As my usual cruising entry speed of 60 over the wide 90 degree corner, mango should understeer a bit so it's my habit to correct the steering a bit to get close to the curb. And i totally FORGOTTEN  that i had just installed a LCA and have -3.5 camber~! And mango wasn't understeer as it should. And i clipped the curb at around 50km/h and BANG! mango was throw a few feet to the opposite direction. Fortunately, i was just clipped the curb with the rim's lips, and i still manage to drive mango all the way back to my shop. 

Lesson learn~ always remember each new parts installed, takes a few days to get used to the new setting before pushing it to the limits.

As for me the down side is, i need to check whether the rims still can be repaired. Or i need to find another replacement d.

The up side. The new LCA holds up the the impacts and didn't even nudge a bit. I, know it's strong enough to take a thrashing~ 

See you all on sunday~ at the Pop Cones~! Cheerio~ 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lower Control Arm ready to be installed~

At last~ it's ready after 2 months of hard work, design and 'simulating' in my mind :P My LCA is ready to be install onto mango.
TKA custom made LCA with KM36 tie rod which is 23mm longer than AE86's.  
With new ball joint and it's ready to roll~!