Friday, November 28, 2008

In search for better traction~

While others was happily driving around in Kg Gajah Track, i wasn't really feel right about mango's rear wheel... my 185/60R14 Hancook RS/2 keep on sliding all over the place as soon as i step a bit deeper onto the throttler. 

So i ask around for advices, and the answer is almost the same, i need better traction on the rear a.k.a. wider and stickier tyre~ 
This is what come over my mind at first~ 
Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07
Then i remember my friend Yus told me he had some of this~ 
Yokohama A-048

So i call him up and hook-up the deal ^.^ and i get a good price for 4 piece of 195/60R14 hoho~ perfect for my Watanabe RS rims~ 

But i keep on searching and finally i landed on one of this~ which make me drew.......

The all new A-050 newest in the semi-slick tyre line from Yokohama as well as  the new AD-08

And if anyone interested in the new AD08's can check it out on the official website~ Yokohama Tyres

Thursday, November 27, 2008

kG Gajah Track Day 23/11/2008

It has been a tiring week after the track day last sunday. I was suppose to upload some photos but the time i saw the picture in my camera.... there's only a few and now really nice. So i waited for my friend's blog to post up the photos they took and waiting to snatch some ^_^ hohoho~ but with no previle.....

there's their's link ~

Snappy - Snappily Silver Banana

TougeKing - The Colorful adventure~

and stay tune for more ^.^ hohoho~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Wheels' problem T_T

Yesterday, after mango install his bucket sit in Chean's place Ah Xiang told me that i might had a problem with my rear wheel bearing. As i sat on the driver sit and start reversing the car, yes. It doesn't willingly to move. As it jerk a bit whenever i release the throttler. So i took it to my mech, Ah Choi, and had him took out the wheels bearing to check, and get mango's LSD a oil change.
As we take off the rim, and start to remove the brake hub, which would be fairly easy to take off, refuse to come out.... and after 30 minutes of struggling we decide to ply it out by all means...
And to my suprise, something fall off when the hub was finally coming out... *_* one piece of the brake shoe...
A big chunk of the brake material strip off the brake shoe. And we check the brake piston and it was leaking slightly as well. The brake fluid should be the culprid causing the problem. Which means a new brake pump and new brake shoe change is in order...
Then Ah Choi's worker take out his secret weapon~ to take out the axle shaft.
Axleshaft removed and inspecting the housing
The bearing feels tight and a bit cracky when rotating, best to change that as well ^_^
So i took the old sa
And get the new shinny parts~
Then to the foundry to cut out the old bearing and jack in the new bearing.
new bearing in place and ready to be installed
This is how an 'drift' (welded) axle oil would look like after just two trip to Kg Gajah and some occational fun around the neighbourhood. Just little under 1000KM of trip on ODO.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Extreme Subaru Gymkhana Driver~

Saw this from my bro's blog 2851——一辆AE 92和我的故事 this guy's driving skill really is out of this world~!!! enjoy

Pangkor Touge ^.^ ~

I was in Setiawan yesterday, attending one of me and my wife's course mate's wedding. As we already near Lumut, we decided to take a tour around Pangkor island. I decided to rent a car at Pangkor island as i wan to take a round island tour and i was thinking that driving on our self would be more convinience. So i get myself a rented car at the jetty for RM60/day. And this is my ride in pangkor island LOL~

A proton saga (toy car) 1.3 with no power steering, bold tyre and no (f**K-ed) suspension. ^.^
And to my amaze, i didn't realize that we would had some touge route on the island itself~! haha here's some video i take with my camera on my tripod which was hold by my wife.

First touge route from Pasir Bogak Beach through Turtle Bay to Nipah Beach.

The toy car is seriously under power, lousy handling and brakes....
And even worst is "IT dun have power steering!!! plus the tyre is out of alignment and balancing! the steering was shaking all the time~ ^.^ darn i love that car hohoho~ you won't know where the wheels will go the next corner~

Stage - 2, from Putri Dewi Beach, through Pangkor Hill to Teluk Cempedak, this is the fun one, really get me excited driving in this part ^.^ but also get a bit 'cold' for the very tight corner and lack of braking power (plus no power steering it's hard to turn those sharp corner)

Stage - 3, From Teluk Cempedak to Sungai Pinang Kecil Jeti, this is a short highspeed route. After this you will return back to Pangkor town center.

And the next day, when we get back to mainland, and hop on to my faithful Ford Ranger and start drive our way home, i can't resist to go on a de-tour near a junction just not far from Setiawan to Pantai Remis. It written there Damar Laut, and this is what i had found ^.^ ~

We did had a lot of touge route in Malaysia. Just that we need to find somewhere with less traffic and deserted so we can train in safe and control environment ^_^ ~


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bucket Seat installation ^.^

After tune up mango and all, one thing clearly is my mango is throwing my all over the place in my seat ^.^ So it's time to pay someone a visits ^.^ a chair (bucket seat) specialist~
CSL Cushion in Juru inter junction area.
ant this is what i acquire from him, a seat adjustment bracket for my sparco
My Sparco finally awaken after long sleep ~ hoho~ it's time for him to come in service. So i taken my sparco and the bracket and i went to Chean's shop (chean exhaust) to install the bracket on to mango.
And mango had a shocking suprise for me hidden underneigh the of the seat's mounting point was broken, totaly broke off from the body *_* ouch~!
So a new mounting point is in order, so i went back to my factory and dig out a piece of Square pipe. Bring it back to Chean's place and had his brother to fabricate thus weld back on where the old point should be... by the time all this was done, it's time for me to went back to my factory. So i leave the work to Ah Xiang and will come pick mango up tomorrow...

With the Sparco in place ^.^

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New upgrade~! mono-tube conversion ^.^ !!!

Finally, new R&D had bring result! Conversion from mono tube system to stronger twin tube design was showing good result. This is the 3rd set i had been done since month. First was GTR-R34 front shock (convert from apexi N1), second was Wira-GSR front shock (convert from Hotbit) and this was the third, Wira-VR4-4WD Rally machine (convert from Kayaba Super Rally) upgrade from 12.5mm shaft design to 22mm shaft! design.

And it's painted in our TKA green ^.^ hohoho~