Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun time in Kg. Gajah 29-12-2008

It's suppose to be a time-attack challenge in Kg Gajah, but the weather is not on our side... and we were looking at a WET track when we reach Kg Gajah  at 9.15a.m. after Mango's alternator failed during we take a rest at Bukit Gantang R&R while waiting for Suhaimi and his friends. T~T bad news.... mango might not be able to play in Kg Gajah today... 
(everyone was busy looking for the problem for the battery wasn't charging, so no one remember to take picture as we were running late)
So after calling TK and conform a replacement is available, we decided to keep going with the remaining juice available in mango's BIG-ASS battery. And recharge it with Ranger as soon as it runs out. 
But half way from Terong to Bruas, Panda spotted that then Charge indicator which was on since we left Bukit Gantang R&R turn off~ alternator is working fine again ^.^ 

After looking at the WET track, and a few attempt by some FF driver, we decided that we will shift to FR ^.^ and fun begins~ it's DRIFT time~! And i had many fun laps trying to drift mango around with AD07 at front and Ducaro at the rear. It's super slippery with higher off-set rims at front then rear. ####^.^ anyone got picture of mango drifting in track? Really appreciate if someone can send it to me thanks~ 

Somewhere after noon, while i trying to get a nap in Ranger and Ah Wei(12) knock on the window, and told me to get back up heading Kg Bota, Lao San was caught in a mishap. 
We were relief that both LaoSan and two other passengers was safe without a scratch.  We took around an hour to pull the car out using Ranger's winch. 

After that we headed back to Kg Gajah. And we found out that the track was drying up. So i switch to A048 at the back. And get ready to make some fast laps in the track. 
Now we were talking some series time~  Soon everyone start to put on their 888 and 048 and start making faster and faster laps. I was happy that mango did a big improvement since his original heart times 1.03+ on March and i manage to squeeze out 54.80 yesterday. A big leap~ hoho~ 

And soon, it's time for Ranger to get into the track again. Our All time champion Suhaimi was dashing into sheekan and ramp the tyre wall. And lot's of tyre stuck under his car. (7 to be exec ^.^) 
Good thing i bring two of my big jack and bring his car out of the tyre trap safely~  And after that, we leave the track with whole bunch of happy people on the Ranger. 
Thanks Jeremy for the photo ^.^ ~  
Thanks dude for the beautiful picture of mango ^_^ 

And i wanna pay my respect the only handicap driver of the day. Ah Tuck with his special mod-ed Kenari. He did fairly well, times at 59 second on the track that day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

{For Sale} TEIN-S14 Type HE (DYN67-21931) Rear Coil-over

  • Nissan Silvia S14 (compatible with S15 also) Rear Absorber
  • Full Length Adjustable - vehicle ride height and spring pre-load can be adjusted independently.
  • 24 step soft-hard adjustable
  •  inclusive of 8kg/mm 220mm spring and pillow mount
  • Fully restored with new oil-seal
  • 6 months limited warranty (Terms and conditions apply) 
  • Price : MYR 1000.00 (Approx USD330.00) 
  • Free delivery within Malaysia

Interested Parties kindly email tkamango[at]gmail[dot]com
or call 012-4806880 

Monday, December 22, 2008


Last month, Ah-Di from SHL offer me a deal which i had thinking for a month. 
All this was either broken of it's from really rare car models and had been lying around for years. 
So i took it back and disassemble them to took their parts to save some other poor adjustable which had their owner ^.^ 

One day, their 'organs' will live on in other adjustable and serve us, we who love to drive and enjoy the short moment of freedom  infront of our steering. ^_^

Plug hunting~

Just some boring day to do some boring parts hunting in Chop shop~
Some one is happy ^.^ where on earth you gonna see so much Iridium plug except in the warehouse.
More plugs
This is what we were filtering~ VK -> economical iridium, not really powerful. we were going for IK -> power series. Not much were found, only a few sets of IK16 and a few IK20. 
Anyone who were interesting in some nice plug, call Ah Yong (Mc-Guyver)017-4235200

Friday, December 12, 2008

5-valves per cylinder monster~!

I stumble upon this monster while i surf around the net yesterday. 

It's a Bugatti EB-110. "The Bugatti EB110 was a mid-engine sports car from Bugatti Automobili SpA, the 1990s successor to one of the most celebrated marques in automotive history. It was unveiled on September 15, 1991, in both Versailles and in front of the Grande Arche at La Défense in Paris, France, exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugatti's birth."(Quote from Wikipedia)

It share the same 5-valves per cylinder technology as the 4age-20V which is sitting inside my mango TE72's engine bay ^.^ hurray 5Valves~~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tyre Frenzy~ ^.^ i think i'm mad...

Jian from Yita Auto Service Centre called me up yesterday, told me that my tyre had arrive ^.^ hurray~ So i went to his shop is Kulim immediately with my Works  Ewing 15" rim.
Jian's very professional shop in Kulim, you would be stunted by the amount of rare second-hand rims he can get his hand on.
Jian(left) and I inspecting the works of his worker, dun wan to scratch my 2K+ worth piece of art :P
The tyre we were talking about, legendary AD07 (price drop a bit due to new range of AD08 out in the market)
All 4 pieces lying nicely behind ranger ready to bring home.
Compared to my 185 RS-2, 195 sure had much larger contact surface.

Testing to fit all 4 new tyres into mango... however only the front succeed, while the rear tyre was pressing directly onto the fender... think i would really need a fender re-work after 29th's Time Attack.

Mango with his new look ^.^ 
Second trip today to PohNee Tyre to take out the old RS-2 which will be sold to my cousin and put in the 195/60R14 Yokohama A-048 which i purchase from Japan. 
Semi-Slick for mango's rear.
Look nice in my Watanabe RS (6" really is a bit small, wanna get my hand on 7" or 8" RS ^^)
The best part of tyre changing hoho~ balancing. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New brake pad for the front twin pot~

During last track day, i can feel mango's front brake fading after 4~5 laps in the track, especially at the end of track after the shiken. So as usual, i took it out and check as soon as i reach factory. 
My original Akibono brake pad wasn't looking good... it's was shinning like a mirror... indicating the pad is 'dying' ~  a call to my uncle as standard procedure.

This is what he send down to me. Entry level Bendix ceramic brake pad.

view from one side~

and view from the other side.

new brake pad installed and still in run in stages. So far there's little different on braking  power. But hope it would last me few more round in Kg Gajah's track.

Just love the look of my mango's twin port. (Maybe next pad change would look for Endless~ ^.^ in deep blue hohoho~) 

Friday, November 28, 2008

In search for better traction~

While others was happily driving around in Kg Gajah Track, i wasn't really feel right about mango's rear wheel... my 185/60R14 Hancook RS/2 keep on sliding all over the place as soon as i step a bit deeper onto the throttler. 

So i ask around for advices, and the answer is almost the same, i need better traction on the rear a.k.a. wider and stickier tyre~ 
This is what come over my mind at first~ 
Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07
Then i remember my friend Yus told me he had some of this~ 
Yokohama A-048

So i call him up and hook-up the deal ^.^ and i get a good price for 4 piece of 195/60R14 hoho~ perfect for my Watanabe RS rims~ 

But i keep on searching and finally i landed on one of this~ which make me drew.......

The all new A-050 newest in the semi-slick tyre line from Yokohama as well as  the new AD-08

And if anyone interested in the new AD08's can check it out on the official website~ Yokohama Tyres

Thursday, November 27, 2008

kG Gajah Track Day 23/11/2008

It has been a tiring week after the track day last sunday. I was suppose to upload some photos but the time i saw the picture in my camera.... there's only a few and now really nice. So i waited for my friend's blog to post up the photos they took and waiting to snatch some ^_^ hohoho~ but with no previle.....

there's their's link ~

Snappy - Snappily Silver Banana

TougeKing - The Colorful adventure~

and stay tune for more ^.^ hohoho~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Wheels' problem T_T

Yesterday, after mango install his bucket sit in Chean's place Ah Xiang told me that i might had a problem with my rear wheel bearing. As i sat on the driver sit and start reversing the car, yes. It doesn't willingly to move. As it jerk a bit whenever i release the throttler. So i took it to my mech, Ah Choi, and had him took out the wheels bearing to check, and get mango's LSD a oil change.
As we take off the rim, and start to remove the brake hub, which would be fairly easy to take off, refuse to come out.... and after 30 minutes of struggling we decide to ply it out by all means...
And to my suprise, something fall off when the hub was finally coming out... *_* one piece of the brake shoe...
A big chunk of the brake material strip off the brake shoe. And we check the brake piston and it was leaking slightly as well. The brake fluid should be the culprid causing the problem. Which means a new brake pump and new brake shoe change is in order...
Then Ah Choi's worker take out his secret weapon~ to take out the axle shaft.
Axleshaft removed and inspecting the housing
The bearing feels tight and a bit cracky when rotating, best to change that as well ^_^
So i took the old sa
And get the new shinny parts~
Then to the foundry to cut out the old bearing and jack in the new bearing.
new bearing in place and ready to be installed
This is how an 'drift' (welded) axle oil would look like after just two trip to Kg Gajah and some occational fun around the neighbourhood. Just little under 1000KM of trip on ODO.