Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phew~ CNY is coming~ and mango is......

Finally, after long time of waiting coz he(ah heng)'s busy, he(mcguyver)'s busy, he(bro sham)'s busy, and i- was busy.So finally, after all the ordeal, today mango's finally got the heart back in.Or not yet??? yaiks~
Notice what wernt wrong with this pic??? 

The gasket wasn't aligned properly with the intake port.
Good thing Mcguyver had a spare 20V gasket lying around. and it look nicely fit now ^^
Was admiring mango's nicely curved 4-1 extractor. :P
And the newly painted T-50 gearbox with it's new paint, and some stain from the coolant.
But still, we were still waiting for the blacktop throttler body which i forget to bring from my factory..... so job stalled. Will continue tomorrow after i 'remember' to bring over the throttler body *_*.