Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bored-om Bomb~! Try guessing what have we done~

Work were a bit slow lately due to my ex-worker all open up a 'stall' behind their house and start drilling shock absorbers and start changing absorber oil.

So i have plenty of time thinking up odd mods to the suspension settings XD~ this is one of them~

* Warning this mode were performed by trained professional. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME~!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product testing - Brisk Premium Silver sparks plug from CZ republic.

Last month, i was introduced a sales person from Brisk by a friend. He had show me some of their products and i'm deeply interested in one of it. The Brisk Racing Premium Silver Plug which they work out the design with Lamborghini. So I ask the sales person to give me a discounted sample set to try out on my Bro's Toyota SE Blacktop 4AGE-20V. 
It arrive shortly and we had installed the spark plug and let it run for a few weeks and it's almost a month now. Which we had felt a slight increase of torque at lower to mid RPM range. But not much increase in higher RPM range. 

Yet, this is not the main point which i had ordered the sparks plug. 4AGE-20V was an old engine engineered about 20 years ago. And it's primitive ignition system with the 12.0+- compression makes it unsuitable to run on any gas lower than Ron 97. Which is bloody expensive by now. 

As the Silver sparks plug had a lower internal resistance and a higher heat dissipation characteristic. We were able to run the engine @ a lower ignition timing and significantly reduces the knocking conditions when we run on Ron95 fuel. 

So far so good, and bro was happy with the fact that he now running on ~ 19cent/km compare to 28/km one months ago.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

KYB road show in Prangin Mall, Penang

Yesterday i was invited my my KYB shock absorbers supplier to attend their road show in Prangin Mall, Penang. So i went there with my wife and daughter. 
 The event is actually at the Atrium A of Prangin Mall. Just beside the Phone Retailer booth. You will saw it as soon as you walk into the centre court area. It's lit-up in Bright RED KYB logo color~  
 There's 3 mini games where you can participate in and if you got the fastest time there's small secret gift.
Booth showing off the internal structure of the absorbers and how it works.  

Just drop by if you were happening to be around the area. There's no loses learning extra new knowledge about our cars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Oni is back~! And rolling again~

After spending 7 weeks in the hand of an Old uncle somewhere in BM, who were said the only man can fix my rims @ it's conditions without heating it up too much until the metal lose it's strength.  From this -

to this~  And now all i need is to wait for McGuyver to overhaul mango's engine so it can perform @ it's normal power band. And also fix the sluggish 4th gear which love to disengage itself during decceration. KGC december i'm coming~ ^_^~