Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mango's New Brake ~ Part-2

It's time to take out the beauty, the Evolution II twin-port caliper. Our star of the day ^.^ 

clearly seen y it's call twin-port, coz it had 2 pod for pushing the brake pad onto the rotor. (i haven taken the measurement of the port yet, will update later)
the brake pad comparison between my old pad (above) and the twin port pad (below)
fitting the twin port on to the rotor bolt on the knuckle. it fits the rotor, since the rotor is 35mm smaller than the evo rotor, only 95% of the pad is contacting the rotor surface. So a little tweak had to made to the pad later.
fitting my 14" watanabe RS rims see if the caliper clear-ed the rim's edge. And surprisingly it does ^.^ which means i didn't need to buy new sets of 15" just for the front (plus, 14" tyre were a lot cheaper :P)
the caliper clear the rims only by mm(s) 
But 'deng' something that we had over look while looking up rotors... the rotor's off-sets was so close to the knuckle which making fabricating the bracket a "pain in the a**" *.* darn.... 

and since i was going on a trip oversea, so after two days of brain-storming, we settle with fabricating a new and (it's going to be a HUGE bracket) give them all the time of the week to make it happend ;) 

so i'll be off for the week and hopefully will see my twin port sitting nicely when i come back oversea :D~ till then.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kg Gajah Track Day By Northern Touge

picture says it all ^.^ lazy to type :P

Mango is getting a new brake, definitely.

After a close call when i was 'cruising' down the flight-over in front of my dad's old shop house, (i was driving around 120, and an idiot in saga cut into my lane, out-most lane of the 3. at about 50~60km/h, so i put my feet hard on mango brake, but instantly the car went sideway, sway to the left furiously! which means my front right brake was not working! good thing the training in Kg gajah pays off plus i had a welded axle so the rear brake can do his work, with a pull of e-brake and slight throttler, i manage to pull mango back to normal line. but i only miss the bloody saga by feet~! )
so the first thing i went back to the factory is to take out mango's right brake and exam it, and first thing i saw is a black-en rotor
it's silvery shinny on the left hand side and black on the right hand side.
and a pair of worn and "fried" brake pad. it's same size as KE70, as i survey around and to found out that there aren't many ppl (or any at all) manufacturing performance pad for KE70, i call up my best friend, McGuyver and ask him to help me search for solution.

after a few days, he shown up before my factory and show me what he had in the hood, a pair of toyota AE111 levin front rotor and a pair of EVO 2 twin port caliper - with a broad grin on his face. lol~
the original ke-86 rotor is around 240mm in diameter

and 17.5mm thick
the AE111 rotor is 265mm in diameter
but with a wooping 22mm thickness ^.^ that's a good looking guy. hoho~
so without much delay, i took everything and went next door to the precision factory to start fabricating them to put into mango.

first, hook up on the lathe machine to flat-en up the surface, groove it and balance it so it will work perfectly later.

zoom in to look at the fine groove line. i dun wan a silky slick surface which result in less grip. so i ask the machine fella to grove the surface using 64lines/inches setting to make it a bit rough.
before doing the  balancing, we had to drill new holes to enable the rotor to hook onto the original hub of mango.
drilling in precision isn't easy work. it takes a lot of delicate instrument to enable a precise hole where the rotor will spin in perfect working condition. the variance acceptable here is 0.1mm.
it's how it look after balancing and assemble back on the hub and put back into the AE86 knuckle. just love the new shinny look of the rotor.

more updates after the new bracket was make and the twin-port caliper installed. ^.^ till then~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sensors on 4AGE-20V

Just too this out from the web. i never knew that mango's engine had so much sensors *_* darn~
it's to say, any of it's faulty sensors would cause in loosing power and increase fuel consumption as well. 
i might need to remove all of them and check to keep mango running in tip-top condition ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mango's Music Note. In-complete.

just playing around yesterday when warming up mango's engine on his weekly basis.

not really like the sound of it, maybe i'll slap on the new 4-1 header for 4ge-20V FR which i got last month. and remove my centre muffler.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Two time KG.Gajah Track day Champion in the house~

Finally, Beta version of my Track spec absorber using standard spring is done. The new TKA Motorsport Competition - Track Spec Absorber. So, as a starter, i manage to get our KG Gajah two time champion, Suhaimi to be the first person to test out the absorber. 
The Official sticker for my new range of absorber, there's 3 more spec which cover from speedway usage and cornering. Kindly contact me for more detail ( Dennis 012-4806880 )

Our Champion's car pic in KG Gajah. Really nice looking and fierce. 
Installing the absorber. 
Running a 1.8 Mivec engine with stock interior. and a awe-some 3 layer full aluminum radiator.
slightly dented hood, he got himself in minor accident not long ago...
The absorber is in ^.^ and waiting the champ to test it on circuit, and sure, TOUGE yeah~
For the first round he tested around the industry area, he gives me a thumb-up, and giving a comment that it feels slight better than his tein type-hr. Will be waiting for his feed-back after testing them up at actual battle. till then ;)