Friday, July 18, 2008

Return to Road Spec ^.^

after bear with the stiff track/drift setting and lot's of up-set stomach "experience" i decided to change the rear spring back to road-usable spec. so i took out the spring i was currently using, a 13mm 4.5 round spring, beats be if you ask me the rate, i just know it's darn hard.
it's just slightly slimmer than a normal lighter. it's from BMW, should be use by E36/46.
then in the smaller diameter -10.5mm 8.5 round spring. with slower respond behavior.
And yes~ my wife aren't complain much about the stiff suspension already ^.^ cheers~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

13 July Track Day-Part 2

So~ continue on the photos~
Ah Xiangs' "original" wira 1.6 manual(also auto converted)
The 2 TE meet each other~ man, i like his front lip
mango was chased by Tk's KE70, (later spun out after 3 laps under tremendous pressure)
then giving chase to lao3's vios. darn he is fast
i just like to make lot's of dust in that corner :P
andrew chew (snappy-scav) grining happily after driving mango (for 3 months he had been bugging me)
and the power steering fluid over-flowed after the harsh driving condition
happy soul on a happy ranger (me, jay, lao3 and tommy ^.^)
Chean's Wira-lution-GSR
i was attempting a drift move, it seems nice at start..
then something went wrong, my tail snaped :S and i lost control of the stearing...

lao san's gf manage to get the footage untill before lao 3 push her away when my car went straight to the grandstand.

(thanks lao 3 for the video, and so sorry that i nearly crash into you all.) which drifting is a very dangerous driving style, never try it in any area which not dedicated for doing such driving and NEVER EVER try it on road.

the after match
Later after the rain ease, ah wei went in and play~
his car does perform well in semi wet condition using my custome made TKA asorber and Hero Milanza tyre.
Snappy and Ah wei's perdana giving pressure on the waja ^.^
(more in part 3) ZZZzzzz......

Kg Gajah Open Track Day 13th July

It's a really nice weather when we (me and my puppy, we were driving solo from ipoh) arrive at Dato Sago Track, and 10 minutes later, Ah wei (12) arrrive with the fellow car driver from penang.
There's Ah Wei (12) waving at the drivers and to arrange their car parking waiting for the registration booth to set up.
Ah Wei's beautifuly kept Perdana 2.0 Manual(converted).
for it's still early, fellow penang-rian was chit chating while waiting to be admited.
Lot's of CARS~!
My mango parking under the tree ^.^ still bare the scar from the bloody-idiot motorist
Handsome Mango ^.^
First car to be admited~ Perdana-12
Another perdana, Andrew's Silver Banana (4G67)
Lao3's Vios Manual (fierce leh)
Lao 3 and Lao 5 ~ lol
Tommy's Wira 1.5
Mair-tomyam with his heavily tuned H22A SV4
Chean's beautiful Angle lamp really takes our soul away.
another shot of his owsome body vinyle
checking out Chean's GSR engine.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My First donut in mango ^.^

Just bring mango back from Ipoh+Kg gajah trip (I will post the photos and vids of Kg Gajah later.) to test out it's new axle. It's kinda of weired first time driving a 20V engine car with a 2-way LSD compatible axle. (which i dun understand what does Uncle Choi give me. :P) But it does handle really well during cornering with a bit of throtter, but will rattle a bit if didnt' give enough throtter.
Then today, before i change the tyre of mango back to it's street tyre, IT RAIN-ed! the sky was raining. So i can't resist to take mango and try out doing some power-u-turn and "donuts" ~ YES~! DONUTS. thing that i had dream of doing since highschool, and i finally had a car which should be able to do it.

And my first attemp -

SUCCESS~! yes, i had done a donut ^.^ hurray. feels like i'm 18 again XD ~

and this is the power-u-turn attemp.

not really get a hang of it yet :P. but i'll practice more ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Volk Racing Mesh Rim

Yo~ i currently coming upon this rim, (photo taken from net :P) it's a 15 inches, 7.0 inch +8 offset.
could anyone tell me how much is the street price of one set of those (4 pieces) in good condition??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can A Genius Do A Burnout?

A very funny clip i saw on youtube XD enjoy~

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tek's Cusco 4-1 extractor.

This is one piece of beauty i had ever seen. really amazed by the wonder of engineering. Tek purposely bring over his new bought Cusco 4-1 extractor for his 4agze (super charged 4age).  
there's a large cuscu / > s embross on it.and every single plate had cusco engraving.
what really catch my eyes is the inner part of the ball shape container. it's a very nice welded 4 pipes into one with a pyramid shape metal piece at the center (to improve air-flow smoothness i think :P)
and yes~! it's jasma certified ^.^
sorry i didn't manage to get a proper photo of it's look. wasn't in a photo mood back then XD
wonder the "banana" 4-1 i ordered from japan which will arrive in 2 weeks time looks as good  as it  ^.^.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monster E34 - 13B under the hood~!

Today, my friend Farid from penang came over for a visits while on his way to KL. and he drop by in his Owsome E34 (going to get a paint job next month)

And some reason i was curious about his engine sound. not like anyone who were using SR20-DET or the original 6 cilinder engine would be. So i pop the hood and O_O~!!!
he had transplant a 13-B rotary engine into the car! and very nicely done as well. big WOW here.
Some more he manage to get his hand on a rare watanabe 2-piece 15X7J rim. darn i like those watanabe look on old-school car ^.^ (told him i book the rim if he wanna sell)

After some chit chat, and he was on his way. Might drop by after he done the paint job ;)