Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2JZ-GTE~ Supra~

Just another boring day as usual, but a phone call brighten it all up ^^, i friend call and tell me that one of his friend's supra need an suspension check up. and 2 hours later it had arrived. (too bad the owner wasn't that sporting to let me upload the car's full photos.

it seem that the supra had a bend-ed right suspension arm connection rod. which it's not an item available on shelf. So the only way i could help is just heat and press it back to it's straighten back to it's usual stage.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mango in action~! Second run.

Mango's first run in Kg Gajah track after his heart transplant. I just got the video from my brother. His video camera broke after coming back from Kg Gajah.

But this time, mango had a serius brake problem. the master cilinder wasn't compatible with the caliper's piston's volume, so it's a bit soft. thus after finish rampaging the track, the rear axle was making a humming noise. which later was certified as the diff gear damage by unclc choi. which means mango is going back to wad again T_T

Monday, May 19, 2008

Problem with mango the night before 18/5/08

As i promise earlier at 2am yesterday, i finally took the photo of the trouble maker. 

It's a old-wornout-poorly maintain-ed-been fix-ed-dunno by how many hands radiator. *_*

Kg. Gajah open track day - 18 May 08

4.30AM - get up after lying on the bed for two hours or so. (i fix mango's radiator until 2AM) prepare and heading to my factory to pick up mango. he was left there to cool down and wait for radiator cap from McGuyver. We install the new plug and start heading for Bukik Merah Gunung Semenggol R&R to meet up with chean's group, wei 12, Lao 3, and other fellers from Penang.

After a short briefing on our convoy and dividing into two group, one high-speed convoy and one casual convoy. Which i will be leading the casual convoy.

It's a very fine day to drive on the old trunk road. too bad i was too busy talking into 3 talkie thus my hand wasn't free to take photos.

We took a short break at the petrol station somewhere near Titi Gantung. Man, it's hard to keep all 30 cars together as there's too much "alien" traffic keep budging in.

mango and his loyal follower Ranger ^_^

6.45 am departure, 8.30 am arrival (should be able to arrive earlier due to some slow drivers.) And soon, we were all brief on the safety regulation on the track and then announce the group each driver was assigned (i was in group 1, together with some awesome driver - Daniel, Raj, Patrick soso stresss :S) and Gentleman ! START YOUR ENGINE!
warming up mango's new heart for his first try in Kg gajah track ^.^ all the thing in mango's heart was singing happily. eager to try out it's new found power. But unluckily once i get into the track, only to found out the track was full of sand and debris. and mango's brake still didn't work properly. so i went off the track. 
which a few moment later, during the drift session, TK ran out the track and hit the tyre wall and stuck. time for Ranger to get into action ^.^ 
Ranger done the job without any difficulty. hehe~ *peanut la~
and one thing i keep objecting to TK, this guy tie the poor CJ7 on his car's back. which i doubt might fall off during running in the track and cause some mayhems...

After few groups running on the track, plus Uncle Choi, who had installed mango's new heart arrive around 10am, ask his guy to adjust my brake so it will respond better. So i took mango in for a few laps, together with my brother. And now mango is able to put his feet down and slam the tarmac. with 30~40% of braking power in hand, i had to take early breaking point and keep safe distance from other driver (sorry guys, who ever was behind me.)

*video coming soon when i received it from my brother.

Four generation of toyotas gather together - McGuyver's AE101, Bro's AE92, Panda's AE82 and my TE72.(We call ourself Team AE-20V) wanna know the reason behind it?
See for yourself, 4 generation of cars share the same heart, 4AGE-20V from toyota's - the legendary high Rev engine. 
*p/s Scav, isn't that your car which was been tow-ed???
And by the time we close the event, this was how the track look like after rampaging by the Drifters. yaiks~!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Track DAY~!!! Battle with mango.

Just a few hours ago, mango sneeze and water leak from his radiator. And at 1.30AM, only we had finally installed a replacement radiator (thanks McGuyVer and Yusli) for helping me until so late. (i'll post the photo later to let you all know what's the culprit.



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preparing for Kg Track part 1 ^^

Actually, i had went to Chean Exhaust to fix my exhaust due to my "original" exhaust was too restrictive, too small, too much bend, and yet too noisy :P ~ (sorry folks, i dun really like noise)
So out the old 1.6" and in the 2.3" ^.^ let's the operation begin~ finally, the EK9 centre bullet and the HKS muffler i buy over from McGuyver had finally found it's used.
Taking out the old exhaust. it's dunno what mid bullet and 5Zigen-copy muffler, which is extreme noisy in high rev. and yet, it's diameter was just too small the car feels heavy during 6~8K rpm.
5 minutes into the work, with 3 ppl working on mango, come an extra "hand", but this one is not a helping hand :P he just point and use his voice and help. (Mr. 12) 

chean is even-ing the edge of the bullet using only a oxygen torch, yikes~ darn he is good.

After 3 hours of cutting welding, arguing and so so~ it's finally done ^^, see how straight the flow is. perfectly matching the car's under carriage. (if you wan the exhaust to go under the axle, you gotta had a very short stroke absorber- in my case, 4 inches, 2 inch bounce, 2 inch re-bounce)

And guess what, the tire can't grip on the road anymore (in high rev) so the first thing i went back to factory, is install the 4 watanabe RS with RS2 on to mango. ^^ he really look handsome in those new shoes. 

So the thing is, when we playing with our rides. one upgrade would lead to another upgrade. in my case, after installing the new tyre, the rear absorbers+spring wasn't good enough for the current setting. Good thing i was an in this field. 

Taking out the absorber and upgrade the duty to around +30% for the bounce and 60% for the rebouce (for a much stiffer spring is used) and i found a pair of un-used E36's rear spring lying around. a few tweek and it's in mango's back already. (sorry, no photos, my secret :P shhhh)

And what i get is a happier tail and steadier front. ^.^ a happy mango he is.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kg. Gajah open track day - 18 May 08

Organized by tougeking

The participants that have paid and are confirmed for the upcoming May 18th Track Day are:
Tan Kae Huang (Dennis) - CQ566
Tan Kae Hyeok (Danny) - PBT2851
Teh Chia Yong (McGyver) - PCF2586
Ha Wun Cheong (Panda) - WAY9068
Tee Ewe Jin - PEP 65
Ng Wui Leng - PET 7082
Lim Yee Xin - PDR 6892
Lim Jian Yi - PDV 8663
Lim Tiek Soon - KAK 8209
ScAvEnGeR - PDE 2185
Tommy Chan - PGC 1928
Teoh Chun Zhi - PFD 5107
Khoo Beng hai - PGY 9754
Kang Chor Eng - PDL 9693
Lian Kooi Thian - PGG 303
Ivan Leong Chit Hoow - ADU 8344
Goh Tze Wui - PDE 8802
Shazwan - WKF 3266
Denesh - MW 711
Mohanraj A/L Rengaraj - PGL8050
Steven Lai Kwan Keat - BGV8188
Ng Chun Hoe - PFA9361
Adrian Yen - WNE9903
Patrick Gun - PFJ9181
Edison Tan - PFD8924

Updated on May 16th, 2008, 3.41pm.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mango is home again ^^. (temporary)

today, after bringing my grandma for a hearthy breakfast in GreenHouse Dim Sam. I went over to parit bunta to meet up with Ah Wei and Tommy from penang, with christine- his wife to be, Daniel, and Ah Sun.

Purpose of tommy and gang went down is to have a nice bowl of Pork Noodle in parit bunta, but after me and Ah wei's good persuasive skill, we manage to drag them down to Ipoh to pick up mango ^^.

An two hours later, we meet up with TK and Han, Boy (with his gf) and TK's friend (sorry, didn't catch your name). TK suggest a test run for mango in Cameron's touge. So, everyone hop in the car and start to drove happily toward the touge.

But a few KM away from the touge, At one traffic light, i felt that mango wasn't really willing to move, and his wheels feel heavy. so i ask Daniel who sit beside me if he notice anything wrong. He told me he does smell something burning. And then, Ah wei who was driving my Ranger saw smoke coming out from my rear brakes.

After some inspection at the petrol station nearby, My rear brakes jam...

Good thing we still in Ipoh, Han volunteer to check out my brakes. We slowly drove back to TK's workshop and dismantle the brakes.

Only to discover that one of the pin that held the brakepad in place was missing. My uncle who arrive later suggest that we just change the whole thing which will save lot's of troubles later on.
So there we goes, everything going out... including the tiny little pump ^.^

out the old and in the new 

And lastly, in the new breakpad and mango was happy again ^^. 
Really grateful for everyone's concern. Sorry to spoil the fun guys. Will make it up to you all next time ^^. Especially Han, i owe you a healthy meal. Remind me ya. 

And two hours later, mango was back in his cosy little parking place at home. ^.^ No more looking a empty parking place when i wake up. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oddest Mod i had done yet....

After McGuyver found some left over asjustable spring and pillow mount from a AE101 dampers. He keep on bugging me to mod a set of absorber to match withgg the spring and borrow him for the up coming Kg Gajah track day. So~ after a week of non stop bugging, i finally gave in... T_T he is just so annoying.

This is how the final product look like.

it's so expensive to order a custom make hi-low thread cell, and it's only tempolary borrowed to him, so i just keep the original base and put the spring on it :P

the absorber had been upgrade to about 75 kg bounce and 110kg rebounce duty. and the stroke was shorten 2.5 inches to accumulate the spring thus reduce body roll.

yet another monster 4AGE

after much searching, this is what i had come up with, a 308 racing cam 4Age with 20cm long 4-throttler. which i think will resemble TK's up coming monster KE70 GL's engine :P with 4 less valve~ ^.^ hohoho~

three cheers for our TK :P

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fire~ Extinguisher ^^

just got this from my industry supply guy. saw it in his van last week, and on the spot i order one from him. It cost me RM63, bit expensive, but this is a refill-able model. so it will be quite a value for money for the long run.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mango is recovering - 2 ^^~ Singing again.

1st may~ labour day. factory closed, i decide to pay mango a visit. see how he is recovering. 
So i hop on the ranger with my wife and we hit the road. 1.5 hours later we were at Uncle Choi's workshop, and instantly i saw mango parking in the front of the workshop.
The first thing i open the hoot and see mango's new heart. Everything was done nice and clean. I just love the work of art perform by Uncle Choi. It's worth it to "hospitalize" mango for almost 2 months. Somemore he even gave me some of his previous KE70-20V's part, the custom make air intake box, his slight "banana" 4-2-1, his BIG mushroom air filter. Thanks a lot Uncle Choi~!

(sorry mite. had to remove the photo of the intake box due to request from Uncle Choi tm thingy).The dunno what slight "banana" 4-2-1 with thermal wrap~ ^.^ yeah~ 

Later we meet up with TougeKing and have a tea, as well as picking up a box of Red-Line gear oil for my friends back in penang. after a while of chit chat, i had to leave to drop by a visits to my puppy's friend. They haven meet each other for a while. So i part with Tougeking and arrange another meeting later to take a ride in his Black Knight to see how to customize a set of rear suspension for him. 

At around 6.15PM, we were on our way. Blasting up simpang pulai. Tougeking was driving bit slow (with air-con on, it's a hot day after all) due to the traffic on public holiday and with concern that my puppy cannot take the G-force of touge-ing. 
Picture of his Beautiful Black Knight on the check point.

After a short rest and some routine check on the car, we head back down. This time, Tougeking turn off the air-con and open the windows. He drive a bit faster for my puppy is ok with the g-force. (probably due to our few trip up teluk bahang in my Ranger. which has more body-roll) 

This time, the rear suspension system show it's weakness. it rolls a lot during sharper corner and shift all the weight to a side where even the black knight was on AD07, the car was going over-steer and under-steer, but with tougeking's skill, he manage to make the car follow the lines he want it to go. overtaking cars while under-steering. Man, he can drive. 
(check out the video in tougeking's blog 

When we reach the lower checkpoint, to our surprise, a Avanza drove into the opposite lane where there's divider in the simpang pulai course. We quickly overtake him and warn the car a head about the Avanza coming over in wrong direction. Thankfully, no coming vehicles was driving fast. And the avanza make it back to correct lane safely.

After a hearty dinner in Woolley Food City,

 we headed back home. I'll come to ipoh again next weekend to pick Mango up to prepare him for the up coming Kg. Gajah Open Track Day