Friday, July 31, 2009

Berry's back! ^^

Finally, Berry is back from her new wiring set-up, all 4 brakes serviced with new brake pad+brake pump, new seats front and rear(Mira L200 two door), new handbrake(mod-ed from AE101) and running like original~ ^^ and my wife was happily ever.
Berry sitting comfortably at home~

Anyone who would like to do their wiring can contact McGuyVer at +6017-4235200

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mango's progress 7~ *_*......

First thing i saw when i arrive is the really strong-looking front perfectly installed (welded) ~
for sure i won't need to worried about my caster-arm's bracket flexing when i accelerating and braking. 

But then Ah Lai show me some bad news.......(>_<)
the side panel was so rusted, it almost brake off~ this is the bottom, only hold on by a few pieces of metal.... also rusty~
this is the top part, already brake away from the roof~  for what i see and some ah Lai's assumption, the previous owner (a mechanic)  has send the car to some village panel workshop and had it made over with really tight budget. That's y mango was covered with a lot of thin-n-cheaply-made-and-badly-welded-panel all over the body. 
And this is the complete drain on mango's other side of the roof which had been done. you can see the drain is clean and deep compare to the previous roof which is shallow and full with putty.... ~ 

*take as much time as you need Lai~ all i wan is a healthy mango which could company me for as long as he could take ^_^~ Mango is my first car as well as my first love (car)~ 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

looking at mango from another perspective~

My wife was a bit obsess by photography lately~ and during last visits to mango she was snapping photos the whole 2 hours there and these was a few of her outcome~
this was taken through a mini clubman's rear mirror tint~
and more photos after the jump~ ^^ - pikachu-visiting mango

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berry gets all his blood vessel changed~

Because all the dial and light on berry wasn't working AT ALL~! so a trip to McGuyver's place is a must *_*......
on the road berry go~ i had to tow him there though berry still can run on his 4 wheels~ but without the signal and brake indicator, it's extremely dangerous to make the 20km hike~
Arriving at Mcguyver's operation factory~ at Bukit Minyak. Mcguyver is now using a friends premises and accepting all model of car for repair (the expertise was still in 4ag engine, 20v, 16v, supercharged and on~)  
putting berry down and he will stay there for a few weeks untill all the wiring was done.

Friday, July 3, 2009

mango's progress 6~ (put on more weight >_< )

I didn't went visit mango last week coz i wasn't feeling well~ so yesterday die die also went to Lai's place. 
And saw he already started on mango's roof~ which he show me the original pieces
Darn~ all rotten, and very obvious last owner had done some work on it as well, but really 'rough-n-cheap' job :P~
The time i arrive Lai is working on the front structure where the caster arm connected (dunno what it call :P) It not what i though he would did like he said earlier, he told me he would take a pre-fabricated taiwan structure and reinforce with L-bar. Instead~
He custom the whole bar out using something he found a few days before~ ^.^ 
An 1.3mm thick square bar came from......
Guess what~! Our very own house's Gate's support beam~ lol~
almost complete~ that's 1.5 day's work *_*.... (hope he didn't charge me too expensive for that....)
Picture of Lai at work, he's the most skilled person in using oxygen torch i had seen (after my dad :P)~ 

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cosmetic for Mango ~

During last 'head-operation'
I painted mango's cam cover with my TKA iconic green. But i wasn't really satisfied with the result. So i took out the spare cam cover and re-do the paint again~ except this time... more seriously~ (^^,)
Only the part with original black paint was painted. 2K base paint with slow solvent to achieve flat and smooth surface. Then let it dry under the hot sun for 4~5 hours. 
The result under normal fluorescent lighting.
The center part where the plug cover was is left un painted. So it's easier to maintain ^^~