Sunday, March 22, 2009

100? magical number? or just ordinary~

think back during primary school, we will be really happy and show our parents the number 100.

But when years pass, that number become less important and eventually won't stimulate any emotion vibration to me anymore. Just that~

when i first started this blog, i keep asking myself, would i or wouldn't i be able to keep posting on this blog? will i just post a few then just forget about it? But Bahahaha~

i had reach-ed the 100 mark, which is quite surprise even myself. But thanks to mango and all the fun time i had spending to fix and upgrade him. I was able to share the bits of happiness working on a old car with my friends who were out there reading my blog.

Here, i speak a thousand thanks to everyone who had visited my blog and posted your comment. Mango will keep growing and recover into his hay-day state ^.^ Let keep the finger cross , would you?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Really nice AE86 model~ Limited Edition

I was in Ah Wei (12/TanV6)'s place to get my mango's insurance done, while waiting for the bloody slow internet connection, Ah Wei cheer me up with a present he receive from his Hong Kong friend.
OK, you will sure know what's that already right ;)

Another look from further away~ It's a Model car made to a precise which i didn't sure about the actual proportion. But believe me, it's very precision~
A look from the front. you can turn the head lamp either open or close, but the wiper won't move. Now~ pop the hood...
The detail of the model is so good~
This is the base/back bone of the model, the wheels spin freely and it's height and caster adjustable.
Even the Rims was Watanabe-RS style with a really 'huge' disc rotor
The interior was a bit simple, but still bring out the original layout of AE86
Even the gear knob and e-brake was out in together with the 3 padels~
and Darn they were good, the dashboard was printed with actual meter reading and the rear view mirror had reflection! I told Ah Wei if he got contact his friend, gonna ask him to get me another one! I WAN ONE~!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is in the air~

It's has been 3 weeks since i feels like coming in to start posting something, it's kinda bored without mango around. Life seems pretty plain and simple.... untill yesterday~
my neighbor's car was covered by those pretty pink flower, which i didn't know what's the tree's name. And it does done that every year, telling us that spring is in the air ^.^ The only thing diffrent for this year is~

it BLOSSOM a lot nicer that previous year, and the year before and the year before ^-^

hope this is a good sign which we would be able to have a good year a head of us. Seeing that so much had happened this few months.

A very good and prosperous Spring to all my friends out there~ Happy always ;)