Saturday, August 16, 2008

I wanna learn how to DRIFT~!!! (in a TRUCK!)

saw this just now, it's totally awesome, really nice to know how to drift ^.^

gearbox in and running~

Finally, all the gears and bearings of my TE72's T50 gearbox was in place (thanks Heng for waiting me to took photos ;)) now it looks shinny and ready for a ride in mango again ^.^ high-rev style~!
all the pieces in place and ready for installation~
i never knew it was only a gear away from first gear and reverse gear. they share the same main gear~
close it up and test all the running before sealing it up with silicon gum.

all the bearing look nice and shinny ^.^ i love shinny metal piece lol~~
finally, back to where it belong, ready to transfer power from mango's heart into the rear wheels. (tips, dun ever put in gear oil which is thinner than 75/90, if you do so, your gearbox will be very noise~ metal cranking noise - LOUD~! ) i'm using toyota original 75/90 gear oil for it. works well for me, plus it's lot cheaper :P
new coupling was installed as well - no more noisy long shaft
Ah Heng installing back my bear nop and housing. He's one of the best gearbox specialist you an find in Penang and some say parit bunta~ lol~
* Soon Hin Workshop  HP: 012-4945558

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ton's to do but so little $$$$ T-T

finally~ the wire was in proper order. all tidy and warp in thick tape. (thanks McGuyVer for all that work well done)
and the battery also had move to the back to reduce the front's weight.
front crocked bumper removed to make space for "possible" compatible bumper which i will install later.
and the aluminum air intake box which was suppose to be for open throtter also taken out and install back the original silver top air intake box with custom air reservoir at the pipe.

after all that only to find out that my front wheel bearing is worn and start making noise~ lot's of them..... T-T
so bearing change is in order~
use a piece of hard metal, (preferable absorber shaft :P) gently (at first) hit the bearing housing out from the disc hub.
then install the new bearing, there's two sizes, the big one in the inner and smaller one at the exterior. the AE86 bearing can be share with KE70's.
then fill in lot's and lot's of wheel bearing grease. and make sure there isn't any dirt around the bearing to make sure it will last..

After take mango for a few laps around the factory to let the new bearing run in. But still, i still can hear the humming noise coming under the car, so i ask my worker listen while i drive pass the factory, and they all conclude that the noise might be coming from the speed- gearbox (T50)
and i send mango to Ah Heng's place to had a check up, ah heng is the gearbox specialist in my place. And after a test drive, he conform that my gearbox bearing is a gonner as well.
my mango's T50 gearbox was taking a part to remove the bearing so we could order new bearing for him. 
At the mean while, i take a look at my TRD 3 spoke racing clutch to see if it's still in working condition. ^.^ it still looks fine to me (actually i dunno how to differentiate among good and bad cluches :P) 
And yet more bad news T-T the crash on last Kg Gajah trip might had chip-ed off part of mango's main-bone structure which is already rusted. .. which means more works to do.....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wire Havoc!!!

One of the headache, of owning a "dunno how many" hand car is the wiring, for our local accessories shop always like to patch and join their way when ever they install a new radio, alarm, aircon so so, and in the end of it ~ walla~
miles and miles of wire ^^||| (plus relay)
more here~
this is the cleaner side :P
all-in-one-connect realy box and fuse box, before ~
and after, 3 separate fuse box consist of main fuses, air-con and light fuses and independent relay box for higher reliability and easier maintenance.  All thanks to my man - McGuyVer (Ah yong)

Friday, August 1, 2008

new radiator installed ^.^ ~

Just right after i went to tune my engine to make mango sing better, i notice that my water temp went up till around 100 when idlling for more than 15 minutes. for i already had 2 experience with radiator problem, so i quickly went to my McguyVer  to check up what's the problem. and he say maybe the fan for the radiator is too small+slow. so i left mango for him and he will find him a better radiator and fan. 

and after a few days of search, McGuyVer manage to get his hand on a 3-layer dual speed radiator with fan.

see the size of the fan's motor. and the size of the radiator is slightly bigger as well.
that's what we were talking about ^.^ 3-layer versus 1 layer.
install new radiator rack, the original piece is all worn and "torn".
new rack mount~ lol~ home made style.
McGuyVer change the piping to new one as well, he just can't bare with the old rusty pipe which Uncle Choi's worker install for me when drop in the 20V. 

after installed with 3 bottle of Toyota Coolant, and 3.5L of water! (it's a BIG-A** water tank) water temp was well keep below 90 degree Celsius,  and yet, we discover the water-valve is not working properly, the water temp will drop well below 70 degree when cruising at normal RPM. more thing to do T_T...