Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring cleaning~ ^.^ lol~

Business was slow lately~ and it's scorching hot out there~ then i took out my engine and see what i can fiddle with~ and then i kinda feel like it's a bit dirty in the eyes~ 
So i call my worker who was too occupied with doing nothing to start cleaning it up~ with some special carbon-bonding chemical.
Halfway into the cleaning~ using the chemical and a tooth brush~ "^_^"~ it start to shine again~
cleaning the head cover~ 
i even polish the valve cap to it's original shine-in-perfection~ i just love shinny parts lol~
The complete cleaning version of my mango's new engine-head-to-be. Will be starting to port-polish it later this weekend. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mango's progress 2

Visit mango again yesterday. I was happy to see more work had been done ^^~
the bottom
From The story of dennis the menace and his mango.

The metal bar use for engine bay reinforcement.
Side wall reinforcement
Fender reinforcement
From The story of dennis the menace and his mango.
Main frame structure reinforcement
Firewall reinforcement~
Crossmember's frame structure reinforcement~
And the internal floor panel change in progress~ ^^|||

lot's had been done and for sure i was in really tight budget this year~ T_T........

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mango getting a new bumper~

After looking all over the place for a good bumper for mango (my TE72) and with no success, Mcguyver suggest that i go for a newer alternative. We convert bumper from newer car. And this was he found for me.
A front bumper from AE86, Levin version. Perfect fit but had to do some minor body work to the fender to suite it.

And we drop of the bumper to the Lai body work to check on mango's progress,
i was happy to see that the actual work on mango had been started. and it was progressing well.
a lot of the old rusted panel had chopped out and replace with new metal plate which 'hack' with the original grove line.
more work done here~
and the new side skirt panel as well. all replaced and coated with special chemical i brought from a friends in ship yard.

After a long chat with Ah Lai and did a lot of changes to mango's body, we headed back to close my shop.
I'll be back to see mango with a few parts which needed to customize his body next week, so will update soon with more photos ^^.